In this age of binge watching, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all found ourselves caring way too much about a fictional character’s love life at one point or another. Sadly, this means that we’ve probably found ourselves heartbroken over their fictional heartbreak as well. You’ve sat there and wondered, “Why? Why would they do this to me? Why would they hurt me like this? Did the writers not realize that they deserve SO MUCH BETTER than this?”

**Warning: There could be a few spoilers in here if you have yet to watch any of these shows.**

1. Joey & Rachel (Friends)

Okay. I’m gonna start out with the one that’s seen as the most controversial. Say what you will, but Rachel and Joey should have ended up together! We all know Ross was trash, and Joey fell for Rachel in such a sweet way and was always sure to put her needs and happiness over his wants. They truly deserved so much better than they got, and I’ll never not be upset about it.

2. Jackie & Hyde (That 70's Show)

Hyde and Jackie were the perfect representation of “opposites attract” and no matter how much he hated admitting it, Hyde really loved Jackie. I cried every single time that they broke up and cried even harder when I knew it was over for good.

3. Reid & Maeve (Criminal Minds)

I can’t say too much about this one without wanting to curl up with some ice cream and cry, but I’m gonna try. First of all, Dr. Spencer Reid deserves happiness. Sad things are always happening to this poor boy. Second, he never even got to tell her he loved her. Third, I’m crying.

4. Phoebe & Mike (Friends)

I’m not mad about anything that happened between these two. I’m mad that we barely got to see anything happen between these two. Phoebe is such a fun and interesting character, as is Mike; therefore, they complemented each other so well. I just wish we could have seen more scenes of them together.

5. Jess & Rory (Gilmore Girls)

This one might be a little controversial as well, but I will defend it to my grave. Obviously, Jess wasn’t perfect, but people often forget that Rory wasn’t perfect either. Plus, let’s all remember that he was the one to talk some sense back into her when she left Yale.

6. Ann & Chris (Parks & Recreation)

This is another one that I’m not mad about what happened, but I am mad that we didn’t get to see them together nearly enough. Sure, we got to see a lot of them as a couple the first time around, but we never really got to enjoy it when they finally ended up together.

7. Castle & Beckett (Castle)

Okay, I have to be completely honest about this one. I actually never even finished the last season cause I just hated the way that the show was going and a lot of the things that were happening in it. Although, I do know how it ended because I read it on Twitter, and I guess they got a pretty good ending. But the writers gave them way too many unnecessary issues just before the end that just really drove me crazy.