5 Couples I Want To See On "Bachelor In Paradise"
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The 5 Couples I Want to See Get Together on "Bachelor in Paradise"

The new season just got started, but I already have some favorites.

The 5 Couples I Want to See Get Together on "Bachelor in Paradise"

There's not any official couples yet on this season of "Bachelor in Paradise," but I already have some couples that I have my eye on.

1. Dylan and Hannah

Although Hannah is torn between Dylan and Blake at the moment, to me Dylan seems like the right choice. He was the underdog of Hannah B.'s season of "The Bachelorette" and he is just too precious.

He is all in with Hannah, and his crush on her is super adorable.

Right now, Hannah seems to be returning those vibes, but who knows what could happen in Paradise. I just hope that they end up together, cause they're so darn cute.

2. Demi and Her Mystery Woman

I don't know if I'm just not knowledgeable enough about Bachelor alum, but I can't recognize the blonde that is seen to be Demi's love interest for this season.

Even though I don't know who she is yet, I'm already super excited for this relationship.

I just love Demi and how she embraces who she is, and she seems really happen with this woman from what the previews have shown. She deserves all the happiness and I hope that she finds it in Paradise.

3. Nicole and Clay

Although Annalise started some drama with Clay right before he left for his date with Nicole, their date was super cute. They had the typical fireworks date, the ones that are always killer.

Nicole seems really into Clay, and he seems to really want to get to know her, and they just seem very cute together. Hopefully, the drama with Annalise doesn't get in their way anymore and they can keep seeing each other.

4. Mike and Caelynn

I'm so excited that Mike is coming to Paradise, although he was my #1 choice for the next season of The Bachelor. Still, I'm glad Mike gets the opportunity to find love again because he definitely deserves it.

In the previews, he is seen on a date with Caelynn, and although she is in the middle of the Blake drama at the moment, part of me wants them together.

Mike deserves to be happy, and if he finds that with Caelynn, then I'm content with that.

5. Blake and Closure

This isn't technically a couple, obviously, but it's still something I want.

This whole Blake drama has already taken up nearly four hours of the show, and if any of the girls involved are going to try and find love, they need to move past it.

The girls have already confronted Blake, and although there's nothing he can really do to take it back now, he can still try to get past it.

Admit that he messed up (to the girls' faces, not just the cameras) and try to be better and prove that he is a genuine person who is looking for love and wants to move past his "playboy" days. As of now, he still seems to be on sketchy waters, so hopefully, he can dig himself out and actually attempt to find love.

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