We Need To See These People Get Together in 'Bachelor in Paradise'

We Need To See These People Get Together in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6

Blake and Hannah G., please.


The best of the "Bachelor" franchise shows is coming up, and season 6's cast is stacked to the max. There are girls from Colton's season, guys from Becca and Hannah's season, and a few people from so far in the past they're hard to recognize.

Take me to Mexico, I'm ready for "BIP" to begin! Bring on the drama.

1. Hannah G. and Blake.

Hannah G. is known for never getting her fantasy suite with Colton, and Blake was the runner-up on Becca's season. After both being heartbroken, these two would make the sweetest couple ever.

2. Tayshia and Blake.

Tayshia is another one that Colton let go of, and she seems just as sweet as Hannah G., but a little more adventurous. Blake is always traveling, so I think they would make a fun couple, too.

3. Demi and John Paul Jones.

Demi was the most entertaining on Colton's season, and the same goes for John Paul Jones on Hannah's season. They'd make one hilarious couple.

4. Derek and Caelynn.

Although I was a bit surprised to see both Derek (Jojo's season) and Caelynn (Colton's season) on the cast list, I think the two would make a nice couple. Derek got engaged to Taylor on season 5 of "BIP," and Caelynn reminds me of her a bit, so I'm shipping these two.

5. Bibiana and John Paul Jones.

Just like Demi, Bibs (Nick Viall's season) is hilarious and fun. This is her second time on "BIP" so I'm hoping she finds love with someone as fun as her. JPJ is in the running!

6. Hannah G. and Wills.

Wills' was the hidden gem of Becca's season and is most known for his snazzy style. Again, Hannah G. is super sweet and these two would be a cute match.

7. Katie and Wills.

Katie was someone I thought was going to go far on Colton's season, and she was a hidden gem just like Wills!

8. Demi and Dylan.

Dylan from Hannah's season is adorable and a bit short, but so is Demi! I would love to see these two get together.

9. Nicole and Kevin.

Although we didn't get to see much of Kevin on Hannah B's season, he seems super nice. Nicole is most known for all her crying on Colton's season, so I'm hoping they get together and Kevin puts a stop to all those tears.

10. Chris and Jane.

Chris? Don't know him. Jane? Never heard of her. Which is exactly why these two would be great for each other.

"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6 premieres August 5th on ABC.

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