A Country Of Immigrants
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A Country Of Immigrants

A Country Of Immigrants

As of recently, it has been determined through various polls and projections that Donald Trump has likely secured enough delegates to take the Republican nomination. With the likeliness that Trump will be a strong contender for the Presidential Election of 2016, it is important for citizens to start understanding the policies that Trump is enforcing through his running platform. Since the beginning, immigration has been a key issue that Trump has narrowed in on through the course of the past months.

It has been no secret that Trump has put forth many ideas for the removal and prevention of allowing immigrants passage through the United States. Here is a list of reasons I have compiled about why immigrants are vital to the United States’ success in being one of the strongest built nations.

Immigrants Enhance Job Production
It has been accounted by the Small Job Administration that immigrants are 30% more likely to start a business within the country than a non-immigrant.Not only that, but immigrants hold a higher percentage of citizens who are self-employed around the United States. This is not only important for an economic boost, but for job creation that benefits and employs American citizens.

Competitiveness Increases
On average, immigrants tend to hold higher degrees and skill sets in particular areas in comparison to American-born citizens. The outcome from this provides the United States with the ability to provide the best services and facilities to citizens around the country.

Higher Demand for Consumer Goods
With a flux of immigration around the country, it is inevitable for a vast increase in the population. While many people look at this and think that it negatively affects wages and job shortages, it actually produces a demand for more consumer goods. The demand for goods also leads to an increase in production which in turn, can essentially create more jobs.

Social Security Benefits
Not only do immigrants tend to pay more in taxes, they also put forth a significant amount of money toward American Social Security. It has been documented that, on average, unauthorized immigrants are paying around 13 billion dollars in social security taxes each year, yet only receiving around 1 billion in return. Though several immigrants do receive benefits from the government at some point of their life, the amount that is being put into the services tends to be pretty significant.

Low Skilled Labor
Immigrants that do not hold higher education degrees withhold a significant amount of the jobs in the fast food, farming, and factory workers around the country. Many of these jobs are not desired by most Americans, yet immigrants hold such a noteworthy amount that without them, many companies would need to shut down because of the lack of staff and production readiness.

America is a country of immigrants and their roles are vital to the journey and success that the country has worked its way to today.Not only do they contribute culturally, but their jobs add to the strength of the economy.It is important for the United States to control its borders, but it is unrealistic to keep the strength of the economy high if immigrants are not in the country. The problem for the United States is not that we are letting too many people in, it’s that we are failing to keep the wrong people out.

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