Could Anything Make Sense For More Than Thirty Seconds?

This past Wednesday, as I wandered the halls desperately trying to find a classroom that, I swear to you, is located in some other dimension that the faculty failed to warn me about, it hit me that I am once again at the bottom of the barrel. I think all first days of anything leave us with this same, weird realization of our sudden mediocrity. If asked to describe the feeling this gives me, I wouldn't really know what to say except that it feels exactly like the time I walked into the wrong classroom in my first week of high school and had to awkwardly pretend I was looking for my lost lunchbox while 20 sets of scary, upperclassmen eyes watched me fail to find it. I've now made my way back through the cycle. From "lunchbox loser" to scary upperclassmen and back down to "where in god's name is 2158?!".

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to like college. I've had all of two days of classes to think about it so I'll probably be giving it another week, at least, before I declare my love or hatred for it. Maybe more. The only solid opinion I've been able to form about college so far is that everything is confusing. The classrooms are located in an alternate reality (good luck figuring out which one), no one tells you what you're supposed to be doing exactly, and no one really outwardly seems to want to be your friend. The transition from high school to college is like going from raising a kitten to managing a lion sanctuary...on the moon. It will definitely take some time to adjust and become comfortable enough to judge it. In the meantime, I'm going to continue answering people's questions about how I'm liking college so far with a lot of vague noises and ambiguous gestures. This is how I answer a lot of things anyway, so I don't think anyone will be too taken aback.

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