7 Problematic Costumes That Deserve A 'Boo' This Halloween

7 Problematic Costumes That Deserve A 'Boo' This Halloween

Every Halloween, it seems like people are getting more and more creative — and not for the right reasons.

Every Halloween, people get more and more creative, but not necessarily in a good way. If you're looking for some Halloween costume ideas, here are seven costumes I suggest you do NOT to wear.

1. Anything discriminating African Americans

Painting your face black to look like an African American person is rude and discriminatory. If you want to dress up as a celebrity, this is not the way. If you want to honor an African American historical figure, this is not the way. Instead, go on Pinterest or Google and search up nonoffensive costumes. And you do NOT have to paint your skin to prove you're an African American historical figure! As long as you put effort into dressing up as they looked, you should be fine.

2. Geisha Costumes

If you ever travel back in Japanese history to the time when geishas were prominent, you'll find zero pics of them wearing chopsticks in their hair, zero of them wearing a low-cut, chest-baring tight polyester dress and zero of them flaunting around looking like the cover of Playboy magazines. Geishas were actually people from both genders who specialized in arts and entertainment (and rarely of the sexual kind either).

3. Native American Costumes

Despite all the stereotypes about Native Americans, not all of them wear leather clothes or sport two braids. The culture of Native Americans vary widely across the nation and cannot be combined into one costume. And don't claim that it isn't cultural appropriation, because chances are (even if you are "part Cherokee") you're dressing up as someone whose ancestors were probably raped by yours.

4. Mexican Costumes

Most "Mexican costumes" portray the Mexican culture as lazy or too wild. But like all cultures, the Mexican culture is diverse and cannot be summarized in exaggerations like these. And using traditional holidays like Cinco de Mayo for monetary gains, well, what can I say?

5. Costumes making fun of eating disorders

Eating disorders are nothing to make fun of. About 30 million people in the United States suffer from various eating disorders per year. They are a common thing, and you probably know someone who suffers from them. Think of it like this – would you make a Halloween costume out of depression? Or anxiety? Probably not.

6. Homophobic Costumes

Dressing up as Caitlyn Jenner isn't just transphobic, it's homophobic. Again, this is giving a whole community one stereotype, and as we've established before, that isn't right. Everyone is different and unique, and we shouldn't let a Halloween costume define us.

7. Middle Eastern Costumes

Like all the aforementioned costumes, cultural appropriation. Sorry to inform you, but not all Middle Eastern people wear satin palazzo pants with a linen shirt and a tiny vest to go with it, along with a silk turban. Don't mix the diverse culture of one culture into one stereotype.

Obviously there are many more costumes than these that are offensive, but this is meant to serve as a guide to us hopefully being less ignorant and rude. Avoid political costumes, racial costumes, sexist costumes or costumes that may potentially offend a culture or group of people. In fact, if you think someone is going to be offended by your costume, don't wear it.

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It's Time To Celebrate The Holiday Heroes We Hardly Speak Of

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For the hardworking employees of FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Express, etc., there is no such thing as a holiday vacation. While many US families take several days to weeks away from the office/school to build gingerbread houses, go skiing, and put up the Christmas tree, delivery men and women strap on their winter boots and head to the trucks.

There seems to be a sort of luxury to holiday gift shopping the 21st Century - we simply search what we're looking for, click 'purchase', and wait for the item to arrive at our doorstep in 5 to 7 business days. If we're really in a pinch, we can opt for "express shipping" which delivers your package THE VERY NEXT DAY for an extra fee. However, because of these conveniences and advancements in modern-day society, deliverymen are suffering during the holiday season. In 2017, UPS drivers had been asked "to work 70 hours over an eight-day period" just to keep up with the rapid influx of packages and letters. Shockingly, this increase in overtime could not cover the number of parcels needing to be delivered (even with the extra employees they hire during the holidays), so office workers were required to do some delivery.

UPS spokesman Steve Gaut said "several hundred" office employees have been assigned to various operations roles, from sorting packages to assisting drivers as seasonal helpers, over the last few weeks.

Accountants, marketing assistants, and custodial staff were left to use their personal vehicles to deliver packages, often being asked to "change clothes and go to a local site that day or the next day" for fear of being recognized. Additionally, to compensate for a large number of packages on daily routes, UPS drivers had no choice but to work during their break-times. This forced many employees to drive hungry, exhausted, and in pain from a lack of bathroom breaks. Some employees even admitted to carrying empty water bottles in the trucks so that they could relieve themselves without having to venture off route and decrease productivity. One FedEx employee described his daily tasks as exhausting in quoting, "My body is completely destroyed. I am so afraid of getting injured and not being able to work."

Trust me, I know that online shopping is a gift sent from the gods - it's often cheaper, easier, and quicker than going to the mall. It also provides an abundance of job opportunities across America, employing 374,000 workers in just UPS alone. Thus, I am not encouraging you to cut back on your holiday purchases, but instead, show a little respect and kindness towards your local delivery person. They have families and presents and decorations to worry about, too. But most importantly, they're human. Whether your parcel arrives a day late, your delivery comes slightly damaged, or the item you had ordered wasn't what you expected it to be, do not take your frustration out on the drivers. Perhaps, spread some holiday cheer by keeping your rabid dog inside when the truck pulls in front of your house (lol), greeting your deliveryman with a smile, or by offering some treats to get them through their day.

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