The Coronavirus Rant
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The Coronavirus Rant

This may be getting out of hand.

The Coronavirus Rant

Note: This article was last revised on 03/08/20 and may not be reflective of the current status or opinions of the coronavirus.

Everyone knows of the coronavirus. It has literally taken 2020 by storm and now it seems like the world is in a state of panic. And while yes, people are dying and there is some concern of getting infected there seems this understanding that it is the end of the world now. On top of that, I believe this virus really shows us just how irresponsible humanity is, and that angers me.

The coronavirus began in China around the beginning of 2020. New data provided by the Philip Defranco show seem to indicate that discussion of the virus was suppressed (like most things in China) and keywords related to the virus seemed to have been censored. Eventually, news broke out about the virus and soon enough cases started to spring up in different countries and even worst, people were starting to die. Now, according to the World Health Organization, the confirmed the death rate for the coronavirus is about 3%. Despite this, there is a lot of panic. There seems to be mass hysteria on the rise, and now everyone is frantically trying to prevent themselves from getting infected. Grocery stores and pharmacies are reporting shortages in face masks as well as world trips are being canceled.

People are being reminded to wash their hands. Now my question is, why isn't already washing their hands?! No seriously, why is everyone not washing their hands? The World Health Organization tweeted out a video that showcased the proper way to wash your hands and I sat there watching that cursor scroll by growing more and more frustrated. I am not saying I perfectly wash my hands every single time I use the bathroom, however, I know how to wash my hands. It is really sickening to see people for the first time realizing how to properly wash their hands, let alone wash them in general. I just saw a TikTok the other day where this creator was showcasing how with every world plague in the last two decades the main thing that has been advised is washing your hands.

Maybe humanity deserves to die if they can't practice common cleaning etiquette. I am just frustrated with the extent of this virus control has had on my life. One of the dining halls at OU got rid of self-servicing. Mind you it's Shively so I am not too concerned, but I don't want that starting up with Nelson Dining Hall. Plus, my favorite professor went on a whole rant about the virus the other day in class and apparently the university told all the professors to start coming up with new lesson plans for worst-case scenarios. Some colleges, such as Ohio State University, have suspended in-class instruction until at least March 30th.

Hopefully, this blows over, as with everything nowadays, people overreact. As I said, if people aren't properly cleaning themselves, to begin with, hen it may be time for natural selection. Is that too harsh? Maybe, but I think we are all tired with this whole coronavirus thing and the news beating us over the head with it. Let me go back to my headlines about Batman and comic books.

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