He is the human embodiment of kindness, strength and sunshine — he's Corey Ian Haim.

Corey Ian Haim was born on December 23rd, 1971. He grew up to be a successful actor who starred in over thirty films. His talent was not limited to acting, Haim also painted enthralling paintings and sang beautiful songs.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2010 due to pneumonia and complications with his heart. Though he may not physically walk this earth anymore, the trail of sunlight and kindness he laid out is walked on each and every day.

Each day, he makes this world a better place through the words that he has spoken, the kindness he has spread, the love he has given and the strength he has shown.

To honor his memory and to thank him for everything he has done, here are 10 ways Corey Haim continues to make this world a better place each and every day.

1. With the words that he spoke

Corey Haim always spoke such wise words and encouraging words. When he spoke he always aimed to inspire. If you really listen to him speak, you will learn so much from him.

If you are ever feeling down, or need some inspiration, Haim's interview on Blog Talk Radio will give you everything you need and more to lift you up.

2. With his positivity 

Corey Haim was SO positive. It is one of his many, many, many (many) attributes that make him so admirable.

Haim constantly looked at the bright side of things and he inspires others to do the same.

Wherever there was a storm, he would point out the sunshine. Wherever there was darkness, he would always find the light.

3. With the movies that he made

Some of Corey Haim's movies send out powerful messages. One, in particular, is his 1995 drama-comedy, "Life 101."

In "Life 101," Haim plays Ramsy Blake, a college freshman who's learning a lesson in life education. This movie touches on crucial topics such as friendships, first relationships, first heartbreak and even touches upon the subject of rape.

Personally, this movie has given me a lot of insight and it is a movie that I hold close to my heart.

4. With his smile

Corey Haim's smile radiates beams of bursts of sunshine, and whenever I am feeling down I simply look at his smile and all my worries disappear for a while.

Warmth and kindness are felt through his smile and I am so grateful for all the times it was captured.

5. With the kindness he spread

One of Corey Haim's defining characteristics was his kind heart. He always gave, even when he had nothing.

Haim's generosity was not limited to physical items. He was generous with intangible matters, such as helping those in need with his words. He was an open book and spoke out about his personal struggles, such as shining a light on his addiction.

As Haim previously mentioned, this was not something that he was so comfortable doing, but he did it so he can help others. He made himself vulnerable so he can touch hearts, that was his goal. In addition, he always put radiance into this world with his very presence. He went out of his way to make others smile disregarding what circumstances he may have been in.

Haim put so much light into this world, although he faced many dark days. And to me, that is the greatest form of kindness anyone can give.

6. With the songs that he recorded

One song that's inspiring is one that he co-wrote called "Mend Me." "Mend Me" is an uplifting and encouraging song that evidently came straight from Haim's heart.

In the song, he sings: "Only I can turn this shattered soul into a possibility."

The song speaks for itself and it has the power to make flowers blossom from the depths of dirt.

7. With the love he spread

Corey Haim had a very pure and loving heart. He greeted each person he met with a smile.

It didn't matter if someone was a friend, a family member or an interviewer, Corey always showed everyone so much love and kindness.

8. With his passion

Corey Haim was so open-minded and so passionate.

One of his many passions included painting. Haim's paintings are a raw representation of his soul as they captivate you with each brush stroke.

To view and purchase copies of his paintings, you can visit here.

9. With his strength

Corey Haim epitomizes strength. No matter how many times he got knocked down, he always came back up stronger than ever.

In the toughest storms, he always created his own refuge and let others stay there too. He always kept striving and never let anything dull the radiance in his soul or consume the purity of his heart.

He was a fighter and he was a warrior.

10. With his very being

Just simply him. The fact that a man as kind, loving, talented and inspirational as Corey Haim walked our earth makes this world a much better place.

A mark was left with each word he spoke, with each smile he formed, with each movie he made and with each thing he did.

The impact he left during the 38 years he gracefully roamed this earth is endless and his light shines every day.

I love you with all of my heart, Corey, and I am so grateful that my soul came across yours.