5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety In College
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5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety In College

If you have had anxiety before or if it began in college, these are ways to alleviate your stress.


A lot of people deal with anxiety, whether it's minimal or not. It is important to take the time to stay on top of your anxiety and staying healthy. Deal with your emotions and work to help your mentality! Don't let things get to you, do what you need to do.

1. Breathe.

Anxiety can cause physical and emotional symptoms, one of which is loss of breath. In order to alleviate this stressful symptom, practice breathing exercises that slow your heart rate and create a consistent flow of air.

2. Journal. 

Having anxiety means that thoughts are always racing through your head and the best way to calm your mind is by writing them all down. By expressing your feelings you are able to understand and accept them which makes it is easier to move forward. Now you are able to have your thoughts organized so that you can manage your emotions and the situation that is giving you anxiety.

3. Talk to supportive friends. 

When you are suffering from anxiety, surround yourself with friends who understand the true effects of anxiety and the emotional toll it takes on a person. If you are met with understanding and help, it can aid in soothing some of your emotions. Sometimes, all you need is a friend to give you a good laugh in order to take away some of your stress.

4. Go to a safe place. 

Go to or do something that makes you feel calm like taking a drive, going to a park or simply being alone in your room. Having an easily accessible place or action that can act as a safe zone will promote healing and comfort if you consistently using your safe place to clear your mind.

5. Get help. 

Sometimes, when you are going through a rough patch in life, breathing and going to a safe place may not be enough for a continuous issue or generalized anxiety. Consulting a medical expert about the symptoms you are feeling in order to find a medical answer to your anxiety based issues will help your days go by easier.

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