These Should Be Your 10 Favorite Birds
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These Should Be Your 10 Favorite Birds

Birds are already cool, but these birds give other animals a run for their money.

These Should Be Your 10 Favorite Birds

These birds will show you that they're not just about flying. In no particular order, these ten birds will represent just a few extremely fascinating species.

10) Horned Screamer

The Horned Screamer is often referred to as the "unicorn of the avian world." The birds have this nickname as their horn protrudes from the top of their head. The screamer portion of the title also fits to why these birds are so entertaining. They make a distinctive screech, making these birds one of a kind.

9) Yellow-Knobbed Curassow

Coming from areas such as Venezuela and Colombia, the male species have bright yellow knobs on their nose in an attempt to impress mates. The colorful knob is enough for these birds to make the list.

8) Steely-Vented Hummingbird

This nine centimeter bird appears mostly green with a blue vent of feathers underneath. The size of this adorable hummingbird with its extravagant colors make it worthy for the title of your favorite bird.

7) African Grey Parrot

While parrots are normally known for their eccentric colors, this parrot has one special color red on its tail. Like the stereotypes of many species of parrots explain, the African Grey Parrot can mimic the human voice. These birds also make the list because they live for about 50-93 years.

6) Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguins are a well known species of bird. They are flightless, which should make them less special, however they make the list because the young emperor penguins are the cutest appearing birds you could ever look at. Their blubber and fat allows them to look so squeezable.

5) Greater Sage-Grouse

The males in this species of Grouse will puff their chest to mate, as well as fanning out what is called their "starburst tails." The tails in this species of bird allow the Greater-Sage Grouse to make the list of what should be your favorite birds.

4) Bare-Throated Tiger-Heron

The sole reason the Bare-Throated Tiger-Heron made the list is because of this beautiful image that makes this bird look as though it has no depth. However, this bird is known for wading in the southern parts of North America and parts of South America. Oftentimes, the yellow throat skin of these birds is not always as visible as the image shows.

3) Southern Cassowary

Southern Cassowaries are also flightless, black, bird, which seems extremely boring. However, it has what is addressed as a "rumbling call" in response to danger. Their wattle, which is the red skin along their neck makes the birds identifiable. Their appearance and call allow for these birds to make the list of favorites.

2) Green Broadbill

Although "green is not a creative color", these birds make the color green standout. Green Broadbills are sexually dimorphic so the females and males look different. The females do not have the black markings like seen in the image. Green Broadbills are tropical birds and the male's mating ritual consists of spinning. These might take the cake for my favorite bird.

1) Western Tanager

Western Tanagers are canopy birds. Their bright yellow colors are used to attract mates, and also just look extremely cool. Their call is close to a chuckle and is described as low and burry. These birds are so colorful and adorable that they just had to make the list.

All these birds deserve all the love. They have the coolest features and some of their colors are to die for.

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