I have never owned a dog, but I know one day I will. I'll show this article to anyone that I have to, to achieve that goal because we all need a dog. So here are eight reasons why we all need a dog.

1. Great cuddles

Whenever you need someone to just lay around with, there's the cute doggo. Even when you don't need it, they want to give you cuddles; and I'm sooo here for it.

2. Feeling sad

Dogs are great emotional support animals. They can when you're feeling a certain way, and they're there for you.

3. Give you something to do

If you ever feel low on motivation or like you're not very needed, dogs depend on you for feeding them and walking them and overall taking care of them. A dog will give you a reason to get up every morning.

4. They need us too

We need them, but they need us. They need us to give them homes, lots of love, food, etc. Therefore, it's a win-win situation.

5. They're someone to come home to

They will always be waiting for you to come home, and they will be excited about your arrival. They're ready to give love and play and just be with you.

6. They're everyone's best friend

Someone you can always count on, depend on, and always there for you? That's what I would call a best friend.

7. Make you more active

You take them on walks, dog park, go on hikes, play time, and so much more. A dog will give you more of an active life.

8. Because we do

... and that's that.