Controlling the Weather

Controlling the Weather

Placing The Context Of Weather Modification/Controlling Natural Phenomenon Via Technological Means, In Order To Dispute Conspiracy Claims Of Nefarious Purposes.

With climate denial breaking individuals' rationality and sense of grasping the world as it exists; many have chosen to scapegoat the intensity of recent storms to phenomenon of human controlled weaponization of the weather. This also at times gets branded as Geo-engineering, a phenomenon of engineering geological/ecological systems on a large scale. Things such as cloud seeding and artificial cloud generation are some examples of projects in this area of thinking. However, conspiracy minded individuals tried to portray all natural phenomenon as weaponized weather such as hurricanes, earthquakes,etc. Setting aside the truthfulness of potential conspiracies, for which this writer and most (if not all) readers will never have a means of 100% proof and validation of said conspiracy; we should recognize the underlying factor in these claims of weather warfare. What many don't consider when researching this topic area is the nature of this weather manipulation. While some view it as nefarious groups conspiring to inflict harm on the human population; one could also consider it an inevitable development of technologically evolving species.

As technological civilizations grow in complexity, according to the Kardashev scale, they gain the technological capacity to "control weather" (i.e. Artificial replication, manipulating existing systems, etc). As human civilization slowly approaches the Type One stature on the Kardeshev scale, we will gain more and more capabilities on Earth; just as we will soon expand extraterrestrially and manipulate on large scale the orbits of asteroids, harness solar energy, and other large scale re-orientation of cosmic systems and structures. While many fear this and/or gain egotistical arrogance of anthropocentrism over this conception of human future; it should be remembered in a humbling sense to reflect upon the old literature of mythology and note how the anthropomorphic expressions of the gods and goddess of the past misused and abused their powers, both polytheistic and monotheistic deities. We as a species have the capability of gaining not just knowledge, but wisdom from viewing ourselves in context of divine potential as a collective and as individuals.

This fear of weaponizing the weather, however, offers a prime example of why radical change is needed for the institutions of our civilization to deal with these sorts of technologies. It is no different than anticipating artificial intelligence or technological human augmentation and the dangers that these ideas pose. But even in the face of the ignorant and shortsighted behavioral choices humanity has made in the past, it does not inherently imply repetition; no matter how many times repetition has occurred in the past. It is always a matter of choice in the here and now for humanity to act different. If we were to become a wise species, we would recognize that we are still extremely young. Typical mammalian species live 1-3million years; and we Homo sapiens are only roughly 200,000 years old.

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Why We Become Emotionally Attached To Sports

It's never just a game.

There is nothing rational about sports fandom. On the most basic level, being a fan of a sports team means pulling for a group of strangers to win a game whose outcome is both impossible to influence as a spectator and has no discernable impact on our day-to-day lives. And yet, the emotional highs that result from your team pulling off a seemingly impossible victory, coupled with the occasional lows that invariably follow a heartbreaking loss, are not easy to forget, no matter how much time passes. At the end of the day, it’s only a game, and it really shouldn’t matter who wins or loses. Of course, whether or not a game should matter doesn’t change the fact that, for better or worse, for many people it absolutely does.

Sports are incredibly powerful. A single team can bring generations of families together, become ingrained in the fabric of the city it represents, and even unify entire countries. Objectively, there is absolutely no reason the outcome of a game should be consequential enough to affect so many people on such a deep emotional level. However, being a fan means leaving objectivity out of the picture. As a fan, once the decision is made that a specific team is “your” team, it is nearly impossible not to become emotionally invested in the successes and failures of said team.

Once you have chosen a team as your own, that team remains yours through thick and thin. The loyalty of some sports fans is truly astounding and borderline stupefying. In other words, fandom has no boundaries, and why loyalty to one team persists over time without fail has little to do with the outcomes of the individual games. As the old saying goes, “you win some, you lose some.” Being a fan means standing by your team regardless of what the final score is, because, no matter what changes from season to season, or even game to game, the connection forged with and dedication to a team remains constant.

Speaking from personal experience, there are few more satisfying moments than finally watching your team take home a championship. This wouldn’t be such a gratifying experience if it were easier to come by. From a statistical standpoint, only one team can be declared league champion every year, which means that the overwhelming majority of the time, whatever team you decide to support will fall short of its ultimate goal. However, unwavering belief in a team will, without fail, lead fans, young and old alike, to suspend disbelief and cling to the hope that their team is somehow destined to defy long odds and emerge the ultimate victors.

Whether or not the faith someone places in his or her team year after year is justified, at the beginning of every season, there is always a chance that any year could be the year. On a basic level, sports serve as a beacon of hope. Being a sports fan provides the opportunity to become invested in something far greater than oneself, which is why even watching a group full of strangers succeed and fail can feel so personal, almost as if it is happening directly to you. Even if being a fan means setting yourself for a higher number of devastating losses than series-clinching wins, deep down we all believe that, one day, it will be our team’s—and by extension, our—turn to be labeled reigning champions, and it will one-hundred percent be worth the wait. More importantly, we will be able to say that, after waiting for so many years, we finally got a chance to see the unthinkable happen and we were all were lucky enough to be part of it.

It may only be a game, but it’s pretty incredible how much one game and one team can mean to so many people.

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If You Voted to Take My Rights Away This Election, Block Me

I am an American just as you but I do not have time to be friends with Republicans.


You might find this harsh but…

I don't want to be friends with anyone who voted Republican this election.

What about friendship despite the odds? What about coexistence and tolerance? Why does it matter?

If you cannot support my rights as a woman, or my rights as a person of color, or my rights as a human being, I do not want to be your friend. If you do not support trans rights, reproductive rights, and #BlackLivesMatter, I do not want to be your friend. If you do not want to support Native Americans and indigenous peoples, if you do not want to support asylum seekers, if you do not want to support immigration, I do not want to be your friend.

I owe you nothing.

I know that this seems harsh, but if you sided with Donald Trump in the previous election, voted for Brian Kemp -a literal criminal- I do not owe you a single ounce of my energy.

Brian Kemp? A criminal, you say?

Voter suppression is an illegal act. Destroying ballots is an illegal act. Not sending power cords and broken machines to polling locations? Probably should be illegal.

This is not just because of a party difference, but I genuinely believe that we were cut from different cloths, raised differently, and have a different worldview.

I do not want to spend my time arguing with you. I do not want to spend my time telling you why I deserve rights. I do not want to spend time telling you why my brown brothers and sisters deserve rights. I do not want to tell you why my sisters of all shapes and sizes and colors should have bodily autonomy and the right to live freely. These things should be inherent.

I have spent so much time in my short life telling people that I deserve to be treated as any other human person that I am burned out. It is not my responsibility for me to make you "woke". Read some literature. Get woke.

I could care less if you voted Libertarian or Green Party or Democratic. I do not have it in me to argue with you on that, because you are entitled to vote however you choose -but the moment your party and your vote steps on my rights, I am not here to play nice.

My civil rights are not yours to take.

This midterm election is so important for many reasons. I did not wake up at 5:30 today with an alarm, rather, my body woke me up and let me know that today is a day of history.

So I extend my congratulations to all the new-elects. Many women of color today made history. I cannot wait to hear the results in Georgia, my home, and hopefully soon, the home of the first African American female governor of Georgia.

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