Being a young conservative mind is one thing, but when you promote conservative values and then publicly disagree with something that is Republican/conservative based; you inevitably end up getting bashed for it.

First and foremost, I have always supported President Trump. This does not mean that I have to agree with everything he says. I refuse to be brainwashed and sheep-like. I have my own set of values, and I stand for what is right and best for this country.

Now you're thinking "well, then that's not conservative." Definitionally, conservative means "holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion." The key word in this definition is "cautious."

I am cautious about change, and being non-supportive of things like the attempt(s) to overturn Roe V. Wade is something I am extremely wary of.

Those beliefs do not make someone less conservative, less Christian, or less of a person.

I still believe in tradition.

I support the death penalty in certain cases.

I believe that oil and gas are good resources for energy, although we must be aware of how much we use as well as the research being done that will help us find more environmentally friendly ways to use/produce energy.

I'm against physician-assisted suicide unless they are set to die with no chance to live.

The second amendment is something that I will always protect.

With the way the government is being currently running, I think it is important for us to remember that we do have the right of revolution if it comes down to that.

Homeland security is very important, and it needs to be conducted in any way that promotes safety.

I think that taxes should be lowered and that the government shouldn't take huge chunks of money from Americans.

Private property is private property, the government has no right to seize it or use it in any way (unless, for some reason, the third Amendment came into play.)

I also have a small set of liberal beliefs.

Global warming is real.

Immigrants should be able to legally enter the country, and we should make the immigration process quicker and easier for people that want to come to the USA for a better life.

Separation of the church and state is necessary, and it should not be expressed in the government especially to make decisions. There are many different religions in the United States, meaning we cannot force one certain religion on the people.

Same-sex marriage should not be an issue because it does not have an impact on anyone's personal lives, besides the people that get married. It also doesn't pose any long or short term negative effects.

Aside from those beliefs, I have a set of beliefs that lay somewhere in the middle.

I support the welfare system but I also think that people should have to go through a set of "self-help" actions to slowly gear themselves away from being dependent on welfare.

I do not think we should go to war, but I do think it is important to do whatever we have to do to keep terrorism out of the United States; even if that means going to war.

Social security is important and we need to do what we can to mend it, but we cannot put our economy at an even higher risk than it already is to do so.

If you are happy, and your decisions do not have an impact on my life, then I'm happy and I will gladly mind my own business. As long as our economy, safety, and personal lives are not infringed upon; new sets of laws should be allowed.

The local/state government should not have such a power to dramatically go against federal law or threaten the constitution. There is nothing stopping them from doing this because they (state) find loopholes in the fine lines. We the people can put a stop to this, and we can use one of our greatest rights; the right to vote.