I would like to take the time to congratulate The Odyssey Huntsville's new Editor-in-Chief, Analyn Bengs! If you, the reader, don't know who she is, Analyn has been a writer here on the Odyssey Huntsville since the launch of this growing community a few shorts weeks ago. In a few weeks, she has already had a fantastic promotion!

One thing that I really like about Analyn is her optimistic writing style. In her "Christianity In The South" article, the sub-headline said "The good, the bad, and the challenge." After reading that, I thought to myself, "Will she be biased towards her faith, and I hope this isn't another religion bashing article." After reading through the article, I was proven wrong. Even where I thought the article was going to take a very negative turn, she still kept the optimism up and mighty!

Another thing I like about Analyn is that she is a respectful writer. In her "Vegan Vs. Vegetarian" article, she explains and defines the difference between the two very, very clearly. In doing so, she does not hate on non-vegans. In fact, she encourages you to ask vegans and vegetarians what it is like to change their lifestyle so drastically! That is something I will do next time I talk to someone who doesn't eat meat.

Analyn Bengs is a wonderful writer and we know she will be a great Editor-in-Chief. We wish her luck in this important position, and again, congratulations Analyn for an already successful journey on The Odyssey. A great future has already been set for this wonderful lady!