How To Get Over Stage Fright

Whether you are a musician, a comedian, public speaker, or singer, we have all gone through the fear of going up on stage the first time — or just going up on stage in general. To some people, it comes more naturally to own the stage, but for the rest of us, it takes time to get used to it. I know for me, it took a few talent shows throughout high school and the first few shows with my band to be comfortable with being on stage. Below are some things to keep in mind and how to confront stage fright. When you're about to go on stage remember these tips.

1. Remember why you're there

Think of how much you love what you're about to present on stage.

2. Breathe in and out

Try some vocal exercising to warm up. Or jump around and literally shake off the nerves. Do the silliest thing that comes to your mind.

3. Always practice what you're doing beforehand

Improving your stage fright means you to put in the effort to rehearse and prepare your material. Strive to be better for YOURSELF first.

4. Drink tea and water

Especially for singers and public speakers, try out Throat Coat tea. Mint and peppermint are also good to drink before or during a performance.

5. Constantly push yourself to go on stage

The more you do it, the more you're mind and body will get used to being on stage. Don't overthink because your mind will play games on you.

6. Look at the back wall

If you're scared to look straight at the crowd, start off by looking at the back wall of the room. If you start to feel more comfortable, try looking around at different faces and giving them a smile. *Note: Sometimes by getting over your fears, you have to look at it straight in the eye.

7. It's okay to make a mistake

If you stop, it will be more noticeable, so just keep going. The crowd will love you and encourage you more for it.

8. Stand up straight and push your chest out to show you have confidence

I promise it'll give you more confidence too.

9. Be happy and be yourself

Enjoy your time and own it!

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