This is for the girl who dreads that summer is fast approaching. This is for the girl who would rather die than have to go to a pool party. This is for the girl who gets so frustrated shopping for swimsuits because it seems pointless.

I have been you. I was you. And, I promise it will be okay!

Everyone else may be so excited for the sunshine and pool parties, but I know how it feels to absolutely hate that time of year. This has nothing to do with what you look like, despite size. Whether you're a size 00 or a size 22, self-confidence can be hard to find when you feel exposed.

That swimsuit makes you look too fat or too skinny.

It exposes too much.

It needs to be more modest.

It's too tight.

It's too baggy.

But, I'm going to tell you the truth here. There will always be an excuse not to buy the swimsuit or to not go to the beach or to exclude yourself. But, don't let a piece of clothing make you miss out on quality memories. Who cares if you have some cellulite on your legs? Who cares if your tummy rolls stick out a bit? Who cares if you have scars that show or ribs that poke out a little? Only you.

Your friends are not going to be judging you or the precious skin that God gave you. They invited you there and want to spend time with you. You may think people are snickering or staring, but I promise they are more focused on themselves than they are on you.

I know that it's harder to get confidence than it is to just say it. But, with some confidence, you will rock that swimsuit and your body. So, to feel confident, find a swimsuit that makes you happy. Wear a print or style that you like. Put on a smile and push those shoulders back. Strut around like you own the place. Strut around like you own your body. Because you do and you should be proud of it.

It may not be "perfect" in your eyes, but you should be so proud of those stretch marks. That means you have been growing and that's so amazing that your body can grow. So say, thank your body for growing. You should be proud of those scars because it means that you have been places and have gone through things. Life is not easy or smooth, your skin is documenting that. So say, thank you skin for documenting where I have been and where I will go.

You only have one body. A body that protects you. Cares for you. Grows with you. Instead of hating it, show it off! With a bit of confidence and self-love, people will notice you rather than your "imperfections" in a swimsuit. So, stop trying to look a certain way because once you love your body, you'll feel no need to change it. Life is too short to not make memories because you are scared or resentful towards your body.

Therefore, you don't need to have a bikini body, because everybody is a bikini body. You just have to wear one.