I have tons of fraternity shirts, but I still want more. No, I NEED more.

I buy all the Old Row t-shirts, because the more t-shirts with fraternity letters on them, the better.

I have weird goals, like wanting a shirt from every fraternity on campus. Just let me live my dream, okay?

Going home for the summer makes me sad, because I can't wear them because I don't have a non-questionable reason for having them.

I want to be able to pick the shirt, JUST LET ME PICK OKAY.

I feel really awkward when a guy gives me a shirt that's from a social event with another sorority, because ew, I don't wanna wear another sorority's letters.

I like to wear fraternity t-shirts, so it actually looks like I know boys in fraternities.

I'll use any stupid excuse to get a fraternity shirt.

"Oh darn, my friend split a drink on me. I guess I need to borrow a shirt."

"I'm so cold from having that drink spilled on me, a dry shirt would be great to have right now … You know, so I don't freeze to death."

"I love your fraternity, I secretly want to be in your fraternity, let me be a walking spokesgirl for your fraternity, Give me a shirt."

“That shirt looks a little small for me, but that one with your letters on it looks like the perfect size. Okay, thanks, bye."

Yeah, you're not getting your shirt back.