Concerts are probably my favorite things in the world to go to. If you've never been to a concert before, picture this: You drive to the venue where the concert is taking place, all excited and giddy because you are finally getting able to see one of your favorite bands in person! It's like a dream come true!

You got your tickets forever ago and now it's finally time to see them. You start heading to the venue and you can see everyone else adorned in their favorite merchandise for the band and they are all talking about how excited they are; the atmosphere is starting to get really hyped. You go into the venue, you hand off your ticket, you get to walk in and see the stage that has the band's name on it and it's starting to become even more real. You get situated where you want to stand or sit and now you wait. You get more and more excited as you hear the bands warm up and the testing of the instruments is like torture as you wait. And then, they come out.

The second they come out, the atmosphere shifts. There are hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people screaming and you hear one of their more popular songs and the concert just got to that point where everyone was really getting into it.

As the concert progresses, you become one with all of the people around you. Everyone around you likes the band as much as you do and knows all of the songs. Everyone around you is moving to the music and it's becoming the common thing amongst all of you. Here's a fun tip though: Next time you go to a concert, during one of their slower songs, or the song that is the most popular, just get quiet for a moment and just listen to the crowd around you. It's probably the coolest thing. Hearing so many people singing along to a song with such energy is another one of my favorite things about going to concerts.

The best thing about concerts is the feeling. Feeling the bass run through you, hearing a band that you like perform live, having everyone else around you becoming super invested in whats happening, I can't explain the feeling of being there as well as I want to but it's amazing. It's absolutely amazing.

Then as the concert is winding down, you realize you might need to get some water because hot damn it's toasty in there with all of those warm bodies around you and the walk back to the car is one just filled with happiness and a little bit of muffled hearing for a while. There is a very real thing called "A Concert High" and let me tell you, there have been a few concerts that I've been to where the concert high lasts at the very least a few days.

If you've never been to a concert, I urge you to go to one at some point in your life. It will change the way that you appreciate music. Also, they are super addicting. Once you go to your first concert, you will be spending all of your money to keep going to more. But I urge you to spend your money on a concert sometime. It will seriously change you.