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Computer Games

Listen to this great new band and you'll feel like dancing!

Computer Games

This new band is compromised of brothers Darren and Chuck Criss. Darren Criss came to fame through his music career, his involvement in college made theatre group, Starkid, and the television show, Glee. Chuck Criss, while lesser known, has gotten a lot of recognize for the band he was in named Freelance Whales.

As brothers, they are both very musical and have been playing various instruments and singing from a young age. They both play the guitar and the piano and Darren also plays the violin, mandolin, harmonica, and the drums. Darren has also been on Broadway in 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' and 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch.'

Both boys are both incredibly talented and had been writing songs for years. Chuck had just had a child when he and Darren got the idea to become a band. Darren had been trying to make an album for himself for a while but he felt like it was meant to be an album with his brother as well.

The two brothers combined make Computer Games, but why is that the name?

Darren: "Chuck and I grew up playing computer games. We weren’t allowed to play video games, so for some reason, computer games were a loophole. Plus, I like the way that it sounds because it’s sort of an all-prevailing concept, where if people are listening to the music, they are playing computer games, just like we’re playing computer games the same way we played Oregon Trail or Sim City 2000 as kids. That’s the same creativity we’re applying to making music on ProTools or Ableton or Logic. Those are our games now, and the music that we make is literally computer games. So there’s that, but also, it happens that the music that we have is nostalgic and reminiscent of our adolescence."

Chuck: "It just sounds fun, and the way we interact on our phones, everything is a game now with your computer in certain ways, whether it’s dating or just keeping up with your aunt on Facebook."

The songs they have on their new album represent nostalgia and having a great time. They involve parties and friendship, everything that reminds you of the good old days and the great days that are yet to come. Their music is inspirational and makes you want to grab your friends, go to the beach or a bonfire, and just dance around all night, Every Single Night!

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