Complaints Of This Century
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Complaints Of This Century

Is it really as bad as it seems?

Complaints Of This Century

Lately, I have heard plenty of complaints about how terrible life is nowadays. Instead of being proactive about it, most young adults just complain about how the world is treating them poorly but then do nothing about it.

We Need to Adapt to Situations

Instead of sitting around and complaining about how horrible it is to live in today's world, go out there and be proactive. Stop comparing yourself to you parents. Generally speaking, the parents of millennials were very proactive in attribution to their success. Their success, however, has created an illusion of us deserving things without having to work for them. Again, this is generally speaking, but young adults nowadays are looking for scapegoats and exceptions for them. The job market in the US is nothing to brag about, but when you don't have a job or are just starting out, find something.

Chances are it will not be your dream job. You have to start somewhere. I see many jobs open around Craigslist and local ads, but for some reason, people feel they are too good for those jobs and want to build rockets instead. If you don't lib be proactive and find a new one that will make life easier. Until then stop giving people the burden of how much your life sucks. Majority of the time the people who have great jobs are not "lucky" they have them. They worked hard to get where they were, they were not just handed what they have. Go out and make a difference.

Student Loans

Myth: "Student loans make it impossible for me to go to school"

Student loans are exactly what makes it possible for most of us to attend school. Sure, you will pay them off for the next 10 or so years, but chances are, you will soon land a job that will pay more if you did have your degree. The issue is, young adults are not planning their future when picking their degree. Be wise with your decision, pick a degree you know you can get a job after your graduate.

A degree that has a broad scope and allows you to explore your options. Find a degree you can live with and won't hate life if you have it. Do not pick a degree purely based on what you enjoy the most. Plenty of people I graduated with selected a degree in communications or History and struggled to find a job using their degree. If you do not feel you can afford the large student loans, start out small at your local community college.

Get online and apply for scholarships to help offset the costs. I grew up in a low income home, and I knew college was expensive. Starting at two years prior to joining college, I was applying for scholarships as much as I could. It paid off when I landed a scholarship to pay for the cost of my tuition. I did not get it because I was in a privileged house hold, I got it because I worked hard in high school and in applying for scholarships. Complaining about student loans gets you nowhere. The only people who have a legitimate argument about student loans are the ones who actually have them.

"This is the worst time to be alive in American history"

With "the Donald" leading the presidential race, many people are showing their concerns about the quality of life in America. I would agree, our presidential candidates are best described as "Dumb and Dumber" but the way our government is designed, we will not fall due to whoever gets elected. Take a few hours and research our government and how it is structured. We are far more advanced than to allow one person to destroy our entire nation. There are many safeguards to protecting the people from utter destruction from one person. Presidents are the people we typically blame for issues and our countries current state. Presidents do not have nearly as much power as most think, nor do they ever completely destroy our nation in today's times. The electoral college is who votes for president anyway.

What can we do? We need to pay more attention to local government where our voice is heard louder. Regardless if you agree with the structure of our voting system or not, it will not change. Instead of complaining about it, vote those individuals in the house and senate you feel best suites you. We hardly put any attention on the local government, which is a huge mistake. Laws are easier to change at a local level and tend to be tailored to the voice of the people in that area.

I Deserve....

Aside from basic rights, people do not deserve anything. We deserve equal OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes. We deserve a good health system that does not discriminate people based on income, race, age, health state, etc. However, we do not deserve a steady income, we must work for it. We should not be living easier on welfare than a minimum wage job. We need to stop complaining and start acting upon it. It is easy to blame the "rich CEOs" for all of our problems, but as a nation we have simply become lazy. How many people does a CEO employ? Far more than your favorite sports star. No one seems to have an issue with the income of athletes or actors.

We have great opportunities for those who work had to get them. Nothing is owed to you from a financial standpoint. Work hard to get where you want to be. This country allows us to do that. We do not deserve everything, but we do deserve the opportunity to pursue opportunities to better ourselves, which we do have.

I hope we can start focusing on the things that are good and start realizing things are not as bad as they seem.

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