Throughout my college semesters, I have pursued the major of comparative literature. To be honest, after declaring this major, this major has given me an interesting experience that I cannot forget. Here are five things that I have learned from this major:

1. Not everyone knows this major

During this experience of having comparative literature as my major, I have lots of people asking me what major I have. When I answer them that it's comparative literature, they just look at me and simply ask what is that major. I have to repeat the explanation so many times to people. However, there are some people who do know the major but they are usually surprised at me having this major.

2. It gives me improvement in my analytic skills

Before going to college, I had lots of difficulty on analyzing. At that same time, I didn't know what analyzing means. Then, in college, the classes I took for the major of comparative literature have helped me practice on my analytic skills and it has made me understood what analysis it's really about. Analysis from then becomes a whole lot easier for me than before.

3. Writing essays is hard work

Essay writing is not easy. Even though analysis may be easier for me, putting these ideas of analysis on paper is not. Before, I could only write five pages, but throughout, I have been able to write essays that are more than ten pages. With this major, I have to say that it truly does put my writing skills to practice and help me improve on my writing skills as well as analysis.

4. I get to read books and watch films

Due to the busy schedules, I have no time to read a book. However, for assignments to help with my analytic skills, they are usually readings of a book or type of literary text. With this major, I have read many classic texts that I have heard about before and now that I am glad that I have read them. Moreover, I get to read translated texts and ones that are written in the original language. Besides literature, I get to watch movies to help with my analytic skills. I love films and I got to watch both classic old films as well as films that I have never watched before. I am able to watch films in a way that I have never thought of before which is my favorite part from pursuing this major.

5. Storytelling is very important

Comparative literature has really demonstrated to me that storytelling is extraordinary. With comparative literature, I get to understand the story structures from both books and films in a way that I have never thought of before. Moreover, this major also helps me with my imagination when writing a story. It has also shown me the different meanings that are hidden beyond the surface of the text and the aesthetics shown to me.

In short, comparative literature has helped me go forward with my life with a new optimistic perspective.