It's Time To Stop Belittling Communications Majors

We all have certain passions or things we love to do. Some people may not agree or have different passions, but that should be ok. No one should judge you for what you like to do, but unfortunately, they do. I cannot even express how many times I have been made fun of for being a communications major. I love to write, take pictures, and videotape things.

Writing is my passion, and it helps release immense amounts of stress. Writing is my safe haven, and I should not be judged for it.

Congrats, you're a business major. Congrats, you're a nursing major. I'm sure you work beyond hard to get where you are, and you deserve to be rewarded, but that doesn't mean you should make communications majors feel bad. We have stressful projects too. We have presentations to prepare for too. We have big exams that need weeks of preparing too. We are all stressed in our own ways. In the end, we do different jobs, we get different degrees, but we all go through our own struggles too. There is no reason to bring us down or make us feel stupid because of our majors. It's what we like, and we don't give you crap about your majors.

Without us, you wouldn't have the news. Without us, you wouldn't have pictures to share about disasters or good things happening around the world. Without us, there will be no press conferences to be held when your company has a fallout. Without us, you wouldn't have an updated website with new pictures or articles.

Next time you decide to make us feel stupid or like a joke major just because we don't have to take accounting or do a 4-hour lab, just remember that all those things wouldn't be here without us. You chose to sit in the 4-hour lab because that was your passion. You chose to take accounting and struggle through it because that's your passion.

Let us have ours. We are here to help each other with our specialties not bring each other down.

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