Struggles of a communication major

Communications is such an amazing career choice because it is like one road with 300 little side roads that all lead to our destination (happiness and comfortability.) In high school, I had no idea what communications even meant. I applied to college as a social work major and quickly changed in the summer before college start. Something about comm. makes me feel like I belong in a place. It's one of those things that makes you feel this fire in your soul, yet you don't know where it will lead you.

1. People asking you what the heck comm even is

Trying to explain my major and my future to others can be difficult. We know what is it, but other people just stare with a blank face.

2. When your mom can't even explain your major to people...

Distant family obviously always asks how the kids are doing...She can't remember what "its called."

3. When your boyfriend...(yes) doesn't even know your major

I've told him about 500 times and he keeps forgetting what it is...Now other people think I'm lost.

4. Peers saying it's not a real job

There are so many different pathways communications can take you, that I can't even focus, Jessica.

5. Feeling like you were made for the content in your courses

Everybody likes a little challenge when it comes to learning their career, and it's a struggle when the professor is talking and I feel like I already know what he's going to say.

6. When anyone thinks they can be a comm major

The major isn't as easy as everyone thinks. You have to have a niche for one-on-one connections or personal affiliations. Just like everyone is destined and designed for their career, so is a person for communications.

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