For the majority of my life, I have identified as straight, it was what I knew, but I never let myself look into other options. Not because I had anything against it, but because I thought it was something I should have figured out or had an idea before I entered into adulthood.

Growing up in middle and high school, most people were only aware of straight, gay, lesbian, and had an idea of what transgender was. Nowadays people have more knowledge of LGBTQ+ as a whole. When I first started reading more and educating myself, something kind of clicked that I was truly not fully straight. I started realizing I found myself attracted to not only cis-males like I once thought but also females, non-binary, trans people, etc. I never let myself explore these options until a few years ago I am learning more about myself, and I am sure I am not alone in this discovery later in life.

I came across this article, of others who realized and came out much later in life. It made me realize, it's okay that I am doing this when I am older. Just because I did not let myself fully explore these options when I was younger, does not mean my journey is any less valid. I am just going at my own pace that makes the most sense for me. Each person is unique and no self-discovery journey is comparable to another.

This journey is definitely one I can never suggest conquering in a single sitting. Take the time to learn, educate and understand the differences between different identities. It can be overwhelming at first when you first start really paying attention. Even if things change down the road, and you find something that better suits your identity, that is okay too. I don't think there is ever a true one fit all definition for any of them.

Whether you discover yourself at age 12 or 21 or 41, it is never too late to learn who you are.