Coming Home For The Summer As Told By The Kardashians

Coming home for the summer is never easy. This summer is my second summer home since I left for college two years ago and honestly, it doesn't get any easier. From spending every second possible with the best friends you've ever had to spending every second working and trying not to make too much noise coming home at 4am. To demonstrate the real struggles we have with adjusting back to home-life, I have enlisted the help of the Kardashian klan with the thoughts we all have in our head portrayed in GIF form.

Getting home and becoming excited to see all your friends and family again.

But wait, you and your friends all work 40 hours a week and never get to see each other.

Then, the one time you guys can coordinate schedules you're all like-

But it really ends up being like this...

At least you get to go to work and listen to the 80 year old woman talk about how "good the store used to be back in the day."

Like I get it, we used to wrap things more than we do now. That was also at a time when my mother wasn't even potty trained.

You run into every single person you went to high school with.

You get to talking to them saying stuff like, "We should hang this summer!" when you're really thinking-

You can't even do summer activities because of the "real job" you got to help you get a job in a few short years.

Suddenly, you realize that there is literally nothing better than college.

And it's kind of depressing you only have two years left.

Oh well, counting down the days until I'm back in good old college town.

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