Over the last decade, our society has become more accepting of the LGBT community, yet we still shed a large amount of judgment towards them. Anyone can say that to be either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender is not natural, but our current times are evolving. A lot of Americans are still stuck in their old views and religious beliefs, and they're letting those blind them from spreading equality.

This is the belief that I have: to me love is love, and everyone should have the opportunity to do so. Now by me believing this, Christians can raise the questions of what the Bible has to say. In the Old Testament there a number of passages that have been used to interpret homosexuality to Christians. But as the LGBT community continues to grow, these passages begin to be questioned. Should we be interpreting these passages in way that we should be prohibiting homosexuality? In chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus, the Bible creates a sense of holiness which prohibits forms of intercourse with those of the same sex. Chapter 18 verse 22 states, “You shall not lie with a male as a woman; it is an abomination.” This particular verse is what non-supports of LGBTs use to prohibit any act of homosexuality.

It is evident that many churches still stand with this belief, but others such as myself belief that these passages are now misunderstood and historical changes are not taken into account. The use of Bible verses won't stop anyone from loving who they love. Why shove religious views into an issue that is mostly created out of fear?

When we look at these passages now, it is possible to be a Christian and do not exactly believe in these verses. I can be a Christian and support LGBTs, too, because all I want is for everyone to have equality. I feel that now these verses are not relevant to the changes of culture and evolution. Again, I do believe in God, but I also believe that everyone has to right to love who they want to. Love is love. I believe that someone cannot choose to be gay; it is part of their biological makeup which is the way God made them.

We cannot continue to use the Bible as an excuse not to accept someone being homosexual. They love the same as us, so we need to accept that fact and get over it. Throwing the Bible and your beliefs in the faces of those who support gays won't change the fact that they support them or the fact that someone is gay. We just don't support the idea of being gay; we support equality. And isn't that what truly matters?

If you don’t believe in the right for everyone to love who they want to, then that is okay. But imagine yourself in their shoes: constantly being put down for who they love and living in a society where they are not easily accepted. Those who are heterosexual have the equality to love who they choose, so why can it be the same for those who are homosexual? If society took the time to look at the positive loves stories of those in the LGBT community, maybe we would be more accepting. Everyone doesn’t have to believe in this point of view, but at least respect those of the LGBT community. Equality and acceptance is the answer.