There is a recent drama surrounding Kevin Hart and him stepping down from hosting the 2019 Oscars, after tweets from almost ten years ago where found of him being homophobic. Now, I'm not against Kevin because I believe people change and that they shouldn't be judged from past mistakes. I also believe that he shouldn't have lost something he had always dreamt of doing because of those tweets, especially when he has apologized for them and he has said that he has changed. But, asides the whole Kevin Hart drama, I wanted to focus on this trend of people making fun of minority groups. There is no reason that we should be picking on anyone, especially not those who are minorities.

Just because someone isn't like you doesn't mean they deserve to be bullied.

Some people would call it "dark humor" and complain about how this current generation is becoming too sensitive to take a joke. But let's face it, how can body-shaming, being homophobic/transphobic or racist be seen as funny? I've personally experienced being a victim of body-shaming most of my life and it seriously affected the way I saw myself for a very long time.

There are so many ways to be funny without being offensive but because right now, being offensive is the in thing many people want to live off of it. People have been killed for their skin color and their sexuality. People are made fun of every day for their lifestyles. People have also committed suicide because society has set a certain standard on what kind of body size is acceptable so trying to make money off of sensitive issues like that is wrong. We can't help who we are, we skin color we have, where we were born, or who we love.

I know that everyone has different their different sense of humor, but there should also be a limit to what can be made humorous.

It is 2018, people are becoming more enlightened and aware of issues happening in the society and this makes us become more sensitive to what should be laughed about and what should not be. There are increasing numbers of deaths daily and some of them are caused by either homophobes, racists or body shamers. The seriousness of these issues are too touchy and trying to find humor in them to make money off of are one of the things that should stop before we enter into the new year.