10 Reasons To Come Home From College Every Once In a While

10 Reasons To Come Home From College Every Once In a While

No matter where you're from, home has a special place in your heart.


As a college student, I love every aspect of being away. I love my college friends, my roommate, the local restaurants, the party scene, my classes and just everything about college. However, I love my home. No matter where you're from, home has a special place in your heart. Its comforting and warm feeling and just makes you happy, at least it does to me. Here are 10 reasons you should visit home as often as you can:

1. Distraction Free Weekend

In college, there is always something to do. Whether its a party, event or just a chill night with your friends, distractions are inevitable. Going home is a great way to focus and actually get a lot of work done.

2. Sometimes you need real food

Don't get me wrong, ramen noodles, gator meal plans and Wendy's will get you by, but once you take that first bite of your favorite homemade meal that your mom prepared for you, its all over.

3. Family Time

Your family misses you so much when you are away and we miss them too. I don't let a day, even an hour, go by without calling my mom or dad. So, visiting for a weekend is a great benefit to not only them, but to you!

4. Sleep in your comfy bed

Despite what you try and convince yourself every night, there is no way your dorm/cheap apartment mattress is comfier than your bed at home. Home is getting into your own personal cloud at 21 while having your mom tuck you in!

5. Get away from your roommates

My roommate turned into a best friend/sister. But, everyone needs space and an escape. So going home is a great way to avoid your roommate all weekend.

6. To see your pets

Lets be real, this is the real reason we come home!

7. Because your home sick (aka mom sick)

Sometimes a FaceTime call isn't enough

8. To give your liver a break

Like number 1, there are a lot of distractions in college: Especially going out and partying! Going home is a great way to force yourself to say no to the party because, Guess What!?! You're not there!

9.  Eat at the local restaurants 

There is always that one place that you love to eat at that your college town doesn't have. Its like a long distance relationship.

10. Sometimes you just want to

Its okay to not have a reason also. Sometimes you just want to come home.

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