How To Combat Summer Boredom

How To Combat Summer Boredom

Fun things to do during the summer months.


With the word summer, everyone automatically thinks having a good time with friends, some form of aquatic fun, and not having to wake up early for classes. But let's be real—sometimes summer is less than picture perfect. There are times when everyone is busy that it leaves you with absolutely nothing to do. Or when the show you're binge watching sucks you in, that you don't realize it's stolen a whole day (or two) from you. Mostly, for me, it's having the time, but nothing fun in mind to do. Here's where I solve that problem for you.

1. Messy Twister

Messy Twister not only is fun to do with friends, it's easier to play when you mix shaving cream and food coloring to top the spot. You and your friends might get a little messy, and your clothes might become stained, but you'll have so much fun trying to win each match. Definitely a fun activity for one of those sunny summer days.

2. Build a Blanket Fort

This is more of a rainy day fun, but instead of Netflixing on the couch, or in bed, make your viewing space a little more magical by building a blanket fort. Use anything and everything you can think of to make this space more enjoyable. There are some cool ones out there with Christmas lights. Whether you choose to use that space as a killer home movie area, or a mystical place to hide while you indulge in a good book, mix it up a bit.

3. Drive-In Movies

Here's another change of scenery, but it's a bit more fun. No only is it like going to the regular movies, but it also has the outdoor feeling—if you do it right. My favorite way to go is to put an old mattress in the bed of a truck, cover the mattress in a sheet and a bunch of pillows, and go with friends. You'll be comfy all night. And, if you're feeling a little more adventurous, you already have the stuff to go stargazing after the movie too.

4. Picnic in the Park

Maybe you don't have all day to spend. Maybe your friend has to work. Either way, all you need is about an hour and forward planning. Pack a lunch in a fancy basket, or even a paper bag. Bring a blanket. Spread it out and sit. Enjoy people watching, the atmosphere, or the weather with a friend instead of eating in front of a screen.

5. Slip and Slide Kickball

If you have a bunch of friends and a wide open space, you should do this. It's a competitive spin on a childhood game. While it might use up a bit more water than the slip and slide of the old, it's worth it.

6. Giant Jenga

Really any game on a larger scale is fun. It definitely puts a different perspective on things, and makes you get outside more. Jenga would be the easiest to construct, because they're just wood pieces. You could make it more fun by putting questions on the blocks to make conversation more interesting. This game is really open to add-ons. Regardless, its more fun with friends.

7. Human Hungry Hippos

All you need is skateboards, ropes, bigger containers and balls. Tie a rope to the back axle of a skateboard. Have someone lay stomach down on the board and hold the bigger container out in front of them. Push them forward towards the pile of balls in the center, and then pull them back to collect the balls they've collected under their container. Continue that until all the balls are collected. The team with the most balls win.

8. Go Window Shopping

At face value, that doesn't sound like too much fun. But think about it, it might be fun to look at the displays stores have up without any intention of buying anything. Instead, you spend the day exploring a bunch of little shops you didn't know existed without spending money on anything. It's definitely more rewarding than you think. You might even find a cute little coffee shop or a hole in the wall diner where the food/drinks are to die for while also having spent your day away from being cooped up your room at home.

9. Have a Bonfire with Friends

Everyone loves bonfires. The smoke keeps the mosquitoes away. Fires are always so pretty to look at. Friends are gathered around talking. It's a great get together. S'mores can be on the menu, as well weenies to roast. All in all, a fun night. Just be careful when it comes to fire, but enjoy the summer night as well.

10. Catch Lightening Bugs

I know it sounds old school, but they're actually a lot harder to catch than they look. (However, that could be me, because I've got the reflexes of a dead cat). Plus it brings back the childhood wonder. My advice, don't keep them in a jar overnight. As whimsical as it is to have a night light made by nature, you're actually killing them slowly.

11. Visit a Playground

Go back to childhood for a couple of hours a visit a playground. See if you can still do the monkey bars without having your feet touch the ground. It might be harder because you have to consciously pick up your feet. Try sliding down the slide, or swinging on the swings. There was a reason you loved it as a child, find the reason you love it as an adult too.

Summer may be a time off school, but it shouldn't be monotonous either. These are just a few ideas to combat the summer boredom. As long as you're having fun during the summer, that's all that matters.

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