This Is You Crushing On Someone, As Told By Colton Haynes

This Is You Crushing On Someone, As Told By Colton Haynes

No one likes getting vulnerable.

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Crushing on someone totally sucks. Who the hell likes crushing on someone?

It's so much easier to poke fun at the fact that you're completely lust and vulnerable over someone, with someone sexy AF.

This is crushing on someone, as told by Colton Haynes.

1. You start seeing them everywhere and making eye contact every time.

2. You have the guts to ask them to hang out sometime.

3. You guys actually hang out and you're all awkward.

4. When you aren't with them, you seem silly and giddy because you have them in the back of your mind.

5. You see someone talking to your crush.

6. You don't take no for an answer, under any circumstances.

7. Some things they do are really ticking you off, cause you care.

8. You start gaining confidence in making moves on your crush to get somewhere.

9. You get a sign that the person might like you back and you're mind is f***ed.

10. They start giving you the attention you've always wanted.

11. You're shook.

12. Then you find out they have a significant other

13. And then proceed to trying to find them in other people

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