Learning to adult is involves paying your first round of taxes for your summer job and figuring things out for yourself as an adult. The true beauty of learning to adult as a college student though is realizing that you have all the independence of adulthood, while you're young enough to still take advantage of what it means to be a kid. Maybe this is a lesson for all ages, I don't know. What I do know is this...

1. Your time in college is limited.

2. What you can accomplish is up to you.

Here are some things, looking forward as I end my freshman year, that I think college students need to keep in mind. Combining learning to adult while savoring the sweet time you still get to be a "kid".

1. Buy practical rain-gear

and use it to jump in puddles.

2. Don't procrastinate on your work

so you have more time to go on aimless adventures.

3. Eat healthy

so you can get more than sprinkles on your ice cream.

4. Go to bed early

and wake up early to eat stacks of pancakes.

5. Wear gloves in the winter

and throw snowballs.

6. Pick up an extra shift at work

and you can buy concert tickets.

7. Workout

by playing laser tag, or normal tag, or throwing a ball.

8. Enjoy being in the moment

because even while you're learning to be an adult, there's still plenty of time to be a kid.