College is a whirlwind- between the pressure of academics, extracurricular commitments, and social events, you're almost always occupied. Although it's hard to describe the blanket experience of college within a sentence or two, I decided to conquer this challenge with the help of one of the best movies ever: Napoleon Dynamite, because let's be real- college is where all of your wildest dreams come true.

1. Your reaction when the class you took because you thought it was going to be easy is actually super hard.

What the frick?

2. When you ask your roommate if they want to go to dinner.


3. When your roommate has the nerve to ask how classes were.


4. When you call home for a favor.

C'mon just mail it.

5. When you venture off-campus and they play your jam.


6. When you sneak food out of the dining hall.

Saving these tots for later.

7. When you bring your resume in to Center for Career Development for some pointers.

Help me, please.

8. When you ace that exam.

Ohhhh yeah baby.

9. When you make yourself a post-party snack.

Oh, yes.

10. When your roommate complains about being hungry.

Eat the food!

11. When you realize you have more dining dollars than you expected.

Time for another milkshake.

12. When you need a pull to class.

"It'd be nice if you could pull me into town."

13. When you finally tested out the weight machines in the gym.

Check it out!

14. When you're trying to impress someone by playing hard to get.

Short, simple, to the point.

15. ...But then you decide to get your flirt on.


And finally,

16. When you realize college goes by so frickin' fast.