November. The eaves have changed, crisp fall air is al around, the Starbucks holiday drinks are back, overall, life is good. For the most part, November is a relatively chill month in college. We are done with midterms and finals aren't for another month. However, there are some things to begin to happen to us college kids around November and hearing them is almost as bad as thinking about finals.

1. I'm sorry but you're out of points/meals/money.

You knew all those trips for late snack runs and extra iced lattes during the day would catch up to you someday, you just weren't expecting that day to be today. Now it's time to go call mom and dad and explain that with all the hard work you're doing, those extra lattes really were a necessity.

2. Your registration time is [ insert last possible day/time]

Registration for the first time can be daunting, especially if your school did it themselves for your incoming fall semester. Knowing your registration date means that it's almost time to worry about second semester already, and that you get to spend the weeks leading up to registration watching the classes you so desperately need slowly fill up.

3. *sniffle, sniffle, cough cough*

After you got over the freshman flu in September/October, you may have foolishly thought you were home free. Oh how wrong you were. It seemed as though everyone was getting better but recently you've been noticing some sniffles and coughs and now you notice more and more everyday. Flu season is approaching, and fast -stay safe.

4.  This will be your last exam before the final

You may have been working hard all semester, but still in the back of your mind you were thinking had time to bring your grade up, to solidify. That time is now, and all of a sudden you're wondering where the hell October went.

5. It's too early for Christmas music 

Okay, this one may be a bit more personal to me. Sometimes though, when you're having a hard day- the only thing that can get you through is some good old fashioned Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You. No shame.

6. Rain. Rain. Rain.

When it started raining a month ago, it was fun and exciting fall weather but now- on your 15th day or getting drenched on the way to class, it's not so fun. Rain on the weekends when you can curl up with hot coffee and a blanket is magical, but when you have to power walk across campus, not so much.

7. Mandatory attendance 

There are a shocking number of classes the require attendance at meetings and seminars OUTSIDE OF CLASS. It was okay at the beginning of the school year, but now with clubs and other activities picking up, it is hard to attend a two hour lecture outside of class when you were just in that class the same day.

8. It's not free

There seemed to be so much free food, t shirts ,activities, etc. at the beginning of the year but now when you actually need the free food because you have negative money on your account, it is nowhere to be found.

9. For your final next month...

For my WHAT. WHEN. In some ways, you feel as though you've been back at school for ever but as soon as anyone brings up finals you feel like you've been here for.0007 seconds and there's no possible way finals could be so soon.