College Students, Don't Wear T-Shirts And Nike Shorts To Class
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Fellow College Students, Y'all Should Really Stop Wearing Stained T-Shirts And Running Shorts

Because what college girl doesn't have 100 frocket tees and pairs of running shorts?

Fellow College Students, Y'all Should Really Stop Wearing Stained T-Shirts And Running Shorts

As a college student, the most dressed up I ever see my peers or friends is for a trip downtown to the bars or for a sorority function or event. Dressing comfortably makes a lot of sense. Why would I want to spend the extra time dressing business-casual when I could throw on a T-shirt and running shorts 20 minutes before my class starts and be there on time?

If you have traveled out of the country, especially to European countries, you might have noticed that people wear actual clothes on a daily basis. I'm talking dress pants, blouses, accessories, dresses, and heels. Yes, in places where the predominant way to get around is walking on foot, women wear high heels and boots.

Even though we are college students and the majority of our time is spent on campus or hanging out with friends, there really isn't a reason that we can't dress up or be expected to look like a functioning adult when we are out and about.

When you dress business casual daily, it says something about you.

It says you care about how you present yourself, you took the time to put yourself together, and you are feeling strong and confident. Dressing up shows that you take the time to do something for yourself. There is a huge misconception that people who dress up and want to always look nice care too much about what others think about them.

While some people may feel that way, you should be dressing up because you want to not because others want you to.

I think a lot of people are on the wave of not caring what other people think about them — which is amazing beyond measure! Pick something that you feel great in and that you feel best represents who you are and how much you love yourself!

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You never know who you will run into or meet on a random day, so be dressed as if you are preparing to meet your future boss or future spouse. When we get into the real world, most of us are going to get into jobs where business-causal and even just business dress is expected of us daily.

Get used to looking the part for the job that you want to have in the future.

Even with that being said, dressing nicely isn't about anyone but yourself. I'm by no means saying you can't have those days where you need to cover your unwashed hair with a hat, you are wearing your softest (and oldest) t-shirt, and the sweatpants you have on have a small stain on them. We will always have those days! What I am saying, is that we should have more days that we make time to dress up and really make ourselves good.

Put on your favorite outfit and present yourself to others in a way you want them to remember you. You're beautiful regardless, so show other people you think so too!

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