To The College Students Taking Summer Class

There is nothing more satisfying for college students everywhere than summer break. This extended period of time allows us to travel the world, come home and visit, take that amazing internship across the country, however there is the select few that decide to push through and take a summer class or two. We tell everyone we chose to do it, and tell ourselves that too. Because we may be putting on a brave face for others but internally we’ve already died five times.

We decided to take the class way before the Spring Break Blues hit. We tell ourselves we can do this, it’s only nine weeks long, no problem. As the spring semester begins to come to an end--we barely made it through alive, people ask what are plans are for the summer, and when we tell them we’ve decided to take summer classes some are elated with our hard work, while others sympathize for us. Trying to keep a positive outlook we take their encouragement.

The first week of class hits you like a ton of bricks, you think to yourself “ Wait… didn’t I just finish an entire semester two weeks ago?”. Here comes another mental pep talk you can do this it’s not that bad. As the weeks progress you find yourself using various ways of motivation to power through your assignments. Sometimes it’s hiding your phone until you finish, or not soaking up some sun rays by the pool. Maybe you reward yourself with a treat….or two. Whatever motivates you is your reward.

The final weeks are now upon us and the struggle is all too real. How late can I turn in this assignment before the professor takes points off for it being late? Can my grade afford me to skip this one chapter summary? What do I have to get on the final to get a ____ in the class? All these questions and much more are soon coming to end. Give yourself an extra pat on the back for taking the risk and dedicating yourself to your education. You’re that much more ahead. So here’s to the college students everywhere suffering through summer classes, the end is near and you’re rocking it!

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