Summertime is arguably the best season of the year, especially when you're a college student. All those sleepless nights writing papers can be made up when you get to delete all the alarms off of your phone. You can start working on not being so pale and catch up with your friends and family at home. Oh, and you can finally start earning some money instead of spending it.

1. You get together with your friends from home and they ask you how you've been.

But other than that I'm good. Really.

2.You go on a job interview and they say, "Tell us about yourself."

Anything to help you stand out among all the other applicants.

3. When you finally get your first pay check.

Now the real question becomes do I put it in the bank, or go shopping?

4. Only to open it and find it's for way less than you thought it would be.

I guess that shopping spree will have to a lot smaller than I planned.

5. And all your friends keep asking you to go out and do things, but your bank account has a grand total of $7.80.

Guys, I really do want to see you, but can't we do something that's free?

6. So you're forced to ask yourself:


Friends that pay for your coffee...?

7. You go to the beach with your skinny mini friends and you're just like.

Abs are great and all, but so is pizza and ice cream. And let's be real, what's summer without ice cream?

8. You come home from a long day at work dealing with people and your parents just look at you and say.

For some reason, I don't believe you, mom.

9 . When you see that girl you hated from high school and you try and hide behind your phone, but she comes up to you anyway is all "Oh my god! Hi! It's Me!" And you pretend you don't know her and have to change your name in ten seconds or less.

We all have that one person you just have to avoid when you go home for the summer.

10. You finally have a day off, but all your friends are at work and you have nothing to do.

What else was I supposed to do all day?

11. You spend a day on the beach and finally get a tan.

Finally, people will be able to tell where my white dress ends and my leg begins.

12. Your parents ask you what you want for dinner tonight.

None of this salad for dinner crap. I want a pizza to the face.

13. You get ready for your date with Netflix.

Your binge-watching days can get serious during the summer. And the best part is Netflix doesn't care how you look.

14. And you realize June is going by way too fast.

Summer, don't you realize how hard we worked to get here? You need to slow down.