To The College Student Losing Motivation, Keep On Moving On
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To The College Student Losing Motivation, Keep On Moving On

You're not even halfway there yet... keep going.

To The College Student Losing Motivation, Keep On Moving On

Beginning the spring semester is so much easier than ending it. When you start the spring semester you immediately start getting on top of your homework and tests that you start getting more lenient with yourself, and then the motivation train starts leading down the wrong path and you suddenly forget assignments and start failing things where you completely shut down and want to drop out of college.

But the good news is that you can always get back on track and head in the right direction with a little bit of discipline and patience. Sure, you may lose sleep or plans with friends, but you won't regret accomplishing tasks and goals to the best of your ability in the long run. It is so hard not to have a break as frequently as the fall semester to take a day or two to refresh, and reset. Here are a few practical ways to stay on top of school and keep the work ethic like it is the beginning of the semester.

First off, the best part about coming back from a stressful, and an overwhelming day is to see that my bed is made and my room is overall clean.

Some of you may have heard this saying "it's the little things in life", and I believe that 100%, having something put together can make it a little easier on your mental sanity to not have to worry about that specific thing and worry about more important things like school

Secondly, it is not an entirely bad thing to bribe and reward yourself for the good things that you accomplished.

I personally believe in bribes because it really gets me motivated to work hard. For example, in the middle of the year, I bought myself this really cute LSU sweatshirt I really wanted, but the thing is I felt guilty just buying something without a true reason than "because I want it." So I told myself that if I get a 3.0 overall GPA then I would be allowed to wear it because I did something good for myself. When I didn't receive a 3.0 this only pushed me to do even better and get a 3.0 this semester.

Finally, truly prioritize your time and find what is really important in your life.

I have found myself to be really overwhelmed with homework and studying at times that I try to cram it in, in one night and it becomes a mess and I end up not getting anything out it besides anxiety and tears. I find that if you find the three most important things you need to do in the day and complete them then you have succeeded. Quality is always better than quantity, so try to get something out of your time instead of just wasting it.

College is overwhelming. I understand. I'm in the same shoes as you are, but if you keep a good schedule, prioritize your time, and reward yourself here and there. You will start to feel better, and see your grades improve!

Keep up the good work!

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