College Students: Game of Thrones Edition
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College Students: Game of Thrones Edition

We may not be princes, princesses, or wildlings. But we know students on our campus that can relate to these characters.

College Students: Game of Thrones Edition

The HBO TV series, Game of Thrones that has been on the air since 2011 is full of many different, and crazy scenes, not to mention, some crazy interesting characters. In a way, despite the fact that this show is primarily about death, and the violence among kingdoms, the characters could relate to the average college student one would see around their campus. This is a list that analyzes specific characters and their resemblance to some students you might go to school with.

1) Cersei Lannister

An accurate representation of a college student. This is the student that drinks all of their problems away, and really does not give a crap for anyone but themselves. Oh you failed your exam? This person simply does not give a sh*t. This is also the student that sleeps with everyone, just to get their way. We all know that one person.

2) Joffrey Baratheon

I really hope that you don't know someone like this character, but if you do, every time you encounter them, you probably want to strangle them. This character is portrayed in the show as psycho, and definitely let the power go to his head. An accurate representation of a bad fraternity, or sorority president.

3) Jaime Lannister

This student had it all in high school. They were probably a four year varsity athlete, very popular, and threw all of the good parties. Now they are barely anything and lost that reputation when they went to college. Kind of like this character lost his... I won't spoil it.

4) Brienne of Tarth

Probably a basketball player, and probably is someone you don't want to mess with. Enough said.

5) Tyrion Lannister

Nobody really liked them in high school. So once they came to college they tried to make something of themselves. This is probably one of the smart as*es in your philosophy class. Girls like him just because he is the one that buys the alcohol.

6) Margaery Tyrell

This is the college student that plans to marry for money and wants to be the wife of someone who is potentially going to be the CEO of some big company. She's that chick that wears crop tops to class and does her hair and makeup every day.

7) Daenerys Targaryen

This is the person that everyone wants, but they can't have because she is too busy focusing on her future and studying. She doesn't go to parties because she is too busy filling out job applications and internship packets. They have strong views about slavery, and immigration, as well as the idea that women should have rights. Probably the feminist in your class that ALWAYS has to voice her opinion about something.

8) Sansa Stark

This person whines a lot and is a b*tch to everyone around her for no reason. Everyone talks crap about her at the parties because she is always giving people dirty looks, but not being social to others around her. Then she wonders why she doesn't really have friends.

9) Melisandre

This is the weirdo that you see around campus with bright hair, and stalks the football team. If you see her at a party, you are befuddled because who invited her? But then somehow manages to sleep with the most attractive people. How does that even happen?

10) Theon Greyjoy

This is your friend that is two-faced and pretends that they don't know you at parties. But in all reality, they are just a coward and would never say anything to your face if It came down to it.

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