Home is always a tricky situation for college students, as going home for almost an entire month can be a really good or really bad experience. Some of us like not paying for food and not going to class. Others despise going back to where they came from because it might be boring or too far. If anyone understands the trials and triumphs of going home, it is the great Buddy the Elf.

1. Walking in the front door like...

2. There's the moment of defeat when you feel like you bombed the semester and have to tell your parents

3. However, there's always making plans with all of your old high school friends

4. But then you realize you left 90% of your good outfits behind because you had to "pack lightly"

It's OK, maybe you can just stay home and decorate.

5. Cue every Christmas song ever on repeat

You can nurse your injuries with some hot cocoa

6. And how could you forget your four-legged friends at home to keep you company!

7. There's nothing like waking up the day after you get back and having real food to eat

Wait, you mean I don't have to have pizza for breakfast AND lunch?

8. You remember your favorite local spots and decide to take an extra breakfast anyways

9. For some reason, your parents don't want you to lay on the couch your entire break

But, you do it anyways. It's not like they pay your tuition...

10. Then you brilliantly remember to suck up to your parents so you can do basically whatever

11. Eventually, all of the things you remember about not liking home come back

Running into people you don't like and missing your college friends? No thanks.

12. Christmas is the only thing getting you through this

13. You do everything you can to pass time until you get to leave for college

14. Pretty soon, your college habits begin taking over your home life, to your parents' dismay

No mom, I didn't just ice myself.

15. Finally, it's the day before you leave and you feel bad for being the obnoxious college student you are

16. Peace out, winter break!

And remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.