Why College Students Get Bored At Home Over Summer Break

10 Signs You’re Ready To Leave The Summer Behind And Move Back Into Your College Dorm

Your friends are always busy, you're working too much, and you're DONE with your parents' rules.


During finals week, it seemed as if summer couldn't come sooner. Two and a half months later, I think it's safe to say most college kids are ready to head back to school.

Here are 10 signs you're ready to return to your college for the fall semester.

1. You’re getting bored of your hometown

At this point in the summer, you've surely gotten your fill of all the things that make your hometown unique. While it's our local diners, coffee shops, and beaches we miss the most while we're away at school, going to the same three places is getting old. Not only that, but running into people you graduated with and engaging in ingenuine banter about where you are in your lives is never a good time.

2. You miss your college friends

The bond you create with friends at college is truly remarkable. After 8 months of being at each other's sides 24/7, it is no wonder you are feeling withdrawals. The distances apart and conflicting summer schedules make you want to reunite even more.

3. Craving independence

Let's face it, at school you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to answer to anyone. If you want to go out midnight and not return to your dorm until 5 a.m., absolutely no one is stopping you. The same rules don't necessarily apply at home. Plus, you most likely don't have the luxury of having practically every type of food available to you during every meal.

4. Most laziness is criticized

With no one to tell you otherwise, sleeping until noon or watching Netflix all day is never an issue at school. At home, however, these acts aren't as welcome and are often frowned upon, being criticized for being counterproductive. The only way us college kids can get away with laying around doing nothing all day is if we do it on the beach.

5. You miss your campus/college town

This is the whole reason you chose your college in the first place! Whether it be the beautiful architecture, lush landscaping, or hustle and bustle of pedestrians and traffic, your campus has a certain charm that you surely miss. Above all else, it seems like there is ALWAYS something to do either on campus or in the surrounding town.

6. Having a somewhat regular routine sounds appealing

Even though waking up for an early morning class is never fun, the constant ambiguous schedule of the summer becomes a burden. Between an ever-changing work schedule and mornings, you wake up with no plans at all, having something, anything to fill up your time is looking pretty exciting (even if it includes studying.)

7. You've run out of fun stories to tell

Living on your own, a lot of weird, yet interesting things happen to you. While these make great stories to tell everyone at home, there are only so many variations to tell of the same scenario. You're ready to go back and live those story-telling experiences again, rather than just be a narrator.

8. All of your money is being spent on gas

Having the freedom to drive around your town is one of the simple pleasure in life, but it comes at a cost, literally. Gas prices seem to skyrocket in the summer, and there is no way around it. While most of us are broke all the time at school, at least a majority of our money isn't going to gas during the semester.

9. You and your friends are working too much

Hanging out with your friends from home is a blast! That is if any of you actually find the time to see each other. When you and your friends work all the time but at different points in the day, it almost feels as if you're not even home.

10. Friends aren't as easily accessible

During the semester, it is easy to take for granted the fact that your friends are typically just a short walk around. Sometimes, they're found as close as down the hall or even in your own room. Very minimum traveling is needed to hang out.

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So, You Want To Be A Nurse?

You're going to find that nursing isn't really about the medicine or the assessments. Being a nurse is so much more than anything that you can learn in school. Textbooks can't teach you compassion and no amount of lecture time will teach you what it truly means to be a nurse.


To the college freshman who just decided on nursing,

I know why you want to be a nurse.

Nurses are important. Nursing seems fun and exciting, and you don't think you'll ever be bored. The media glorifies navy blue scrubs and stethoscopes draped around your neck, and you can't go anywhere without hearing about the guaranteed job placement. You passed AP biology and can name every single bone in the human body. Blood, urine, feces, salvia -- you can handle all of it with a straight face. So, you think that's what being a nurse is all about, right? Wrong.

You can search but you won't find the true meaning of becoming a nurse until you are in the depths of nursing school and the only thing getting you through is knowing that in a few months, you'll be able to sign the letters "BSN" after your name...

You can know every nursing intervention, but you won't find the true meaning of nursing until you sit beside an elderly patient and know that nothing in this world can save her, and all there's left for you to do is hold her hand and keep her comfortable until she dies.

You'll hear that one of our biggest jobs is being an advocate for our patients, but you won't understand until one day, in the middle of your routine physical assessment, you find the hidden, multi-colored bruises on the 3-year-old that won't even look you in the eyes. Your heart will drop to your feet and you'll swear that you will not sleep until you know that he is safe.

You'll learn that we love people when they're vulnerable, but you won't learn that until you have to give a bed bath to the middle-aged man who just had a stroke and can't bathe himself. You'll try to hide how awkward you feel because you're young enough to be his child, but as you try to make him feel as comfortable as possible, you'll learn more about dignity at that moment than some people learn in an entire lifetime.

Every class will teach you about empathy, but you won't truly feel empathy until you have to care for your first prisoner in the hospital. The guards surrounding his room will scare the life out of you, and you'll spend your day knowing that he could've raped, murdered, or hurt people. But, you'll walk into that room, put your fears aside, and remind yourself that he is a human being still, and it's your job to care, regardless of what he did.

Each nurse you meet will beam with pride when they tell you that we've won "Most Trusted Profession" for seventeen years in a row, but you won't feel that trustworthy. In fact, you're going to feel like you know nothing sometimes. But when you have to hold the sobbing, single mother who just received a positive breast cancer diagnosis, you'll feel it. Amid her sobs of wondering what she will do with her kids and how she's ever going to pay for treatment, she will look at you like you have all of the answers that she needs, and you'll learn why we've won that award so many times.

You'll read on Facebook about the nurses who forget to eat and pee during their 12-hour shifts and swear that you won't forget about those things. But one day you'll leave the hospital after an entire shift of trying to get your dying patient to eat anything and you'll realize that you haven't had food since 6:30 A.M. and you, too, will be one of those nurses who put everything else above themselves.

Too often we think of nursing as the medicine and the procedures and the IV pumps. We think of the shots and the bedpans and the baths. We think all the lab values and the blood levels that we have to memorize. We think it's all about the organs and the diseases. We think of the hospitals and the weekends and the holidays that we have to miss.

But, you're going to find that nursing isn't really about the medicine or the assessments. Being a nurse is so much more than anything that you can learn in school. Textbooks can't teach you compassion, and no amount of lecture time will teach you what it truly means to be a nurse.

So, you think you want to be a nurse?

Go for it. Study. Cry. Learn everything. Stay up late. Miss out on things. Give it absolutely everything that you have.

Because I promise you that the decision to dedicate your life to saving others is worth every sleepless night, failed test, or bad day that you're going to encounter during these next four years. Just keep holding on.


The nursing student with just one year left.

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5 Reasons To Look Forward To Summer

Summer is the best time of the year hands down, and its the time when you can kick back and relax all day long.


We are slowly (but surely) getting closer to summer! The weather is getting nicer, the pants are getting shorter, the sunshine is coming out. With that here are five (super amazing) things to look forward to for this upcoming summer.

1. Friends.

The hands-down best things about summer are the fact that for the first time in the year, you and your friends are in the same place again, and that you all can go back to hanging out all the time and soaking in the sun.

My best friend and I go to schools in the same state, just about as far away as possible, but I rarely get to see her which makes the rest of the year harder. BUT as soon as summer comes around then I go back to see her every single day and I love love love it.

2. Campfires.

There is nothing that soothes the soul like a good campfire, surrounded by great friends and some amazing snacks. The feeling that comes from a good night with the stars and some good laughs makes the rest of the year worth it.

Plus Smores are an amazing invention, and they go hand in hand with a good campfire!

3. A chance to relax.

You go to school/work/whatever all year long, and you are tired. Summer brings a time for people to relax, start anew, go to the beach, and finally let their hair down.

As we enter spring, the sun is shining, small tastes of summer come every now again, and we are able to start to see how amazing and relaxing this summer could be.

4. Summer Jobs.

Some of the most fun and amazing people that I have met in my life are from the places that I worked during my summer jobs. Summer allows college students (in my case) to work in a fun, upbeat, and temporary places with other college-aged kids who just want to enjoy their time home, but also need a little bit of cash to have that fun.

If I could recommend to all college students to look for something to do in the summer, work, volunteer, VOLUNTEER, and or help out with local organizations in your town. You will make an amazing difference!

5. Catching up on life.

Whether or not you are catching up on Netflix, friendships, work, sleep, or socializing summer is the time for you to finally catch up on your stuff.

There is nothing better than catching up on everything that you have had to miss out on for the past year, you'll feel better, more relaxed, and be happier!

With all of this being said, make your list and see what you are looking forward to most during your summer break. Enjoy!

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