Why College Students Get Bored At Home Over Summer Break

10 Signs You’re Ready To Leave The Summer Behind And Move Back Into Your College Dorm

Your friends are always busy, you're working too much, and you're DONE with your parents' rules.

Christine DiNapoli

During finals week, it seemed as if summer couldn't come sooner. Two and a half months later, I think it's safe to say most college kids are ready to head back to school.

Here are 10 signs you're ready to return to your college for the fall semester.

1. You’re getting bored of your hometown

At this point in the summer, you've surely gotten your fill of all the things that make your hometown unique. While it's our local diners, coffee shops, and beaches we miss the most while we're away at school, going to the same three places is getting old. Not only that, but running into people you graduated with and engaging in ingenuine banter about where you are in your lives is never a good time.

2. You miss your college friends

The bond you create with friends at college is truly remarkable. After 8 months of being at each other's sides 24/7, it is no wonder you are feeling withdrawals. The distances apart and conflicting summer schedules make you want to reunite even more.

3. Craving independence

Let's face it, at school you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to answer to anyone. If you want to go out midnight and not return to your dorm until 5 a.m., absolutely no one is stopping you. The same rules don't necessarily apply at home. Plus, you most likely don't have the luxury of having practically every type of food available to you during every meal.

4. Most laziness is criticized

With no one to tell you otherwise, sleeping until noon or watching Netflix all day is never an issue at school. At home, however, these acts aren't as welcome and are often frowned upon, being criticized for being counterproductive. The only way us college kids can get away with laying around doing nothing all day is if we do it on the beach.

5. You miss your campus/college town

This is the whole reason you chose your college in the first place! Whether it be the beautiful architecture, lush landscaping, or hustle and bustle of pedestrians and traffic, your campus has a certain charm that you surely miss. Above all else, it seems like there is ALWAYS something to do either on campus or in the surrounding town.

6. Having a somewhat regular routine sounds appealing

Even though waking up for an early morning class is never fun, the constant ambiguous schedule of the summer becomes a burden. Between an ever-changing work schedule and mornings, you wake up with no plans at all, having something, anything to fill up your time is looking pretty exciting (even if it includes studying.)

7. You've run out of fun stories to tell

Living on your own, a lot of weird, yet interesting things happen to you. While these make great stories to tell everyone at home, there are only so many variations to tell of the same scenario. You're ready to go back and live those story-telling experiences again, rather than just be a narrator.

8. All of your money is being spent on gas

Having the freedom to drive around your town is one of the simple pleasure in life, but it comes at a cost, literally. Gas prices seem to skyrocket in the summer, and there is no way around it. While most of us are broke all the time at school, at least a majority of our money isn't going to gas during the semester.

9. You and your friends are working too much

Hanging out with your friends from home is a blast! That is if any of you actually find the time to see each other. When you and your friends work all the time but at different points in the day, it almost feels as if you're not even home.

10. Friends aren't as easily accessible

During the semester, it is easy to take for granted the fact that your friends are typically just a short walk around. Sometimes, they're found as close as down the hall or even in your own room. Very minimum traveling is needed to hang out.

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