Now, that I've been on summer break for over a week, I have had a lot of thoughts about school and what the summer holds. Don't get me wrong, summer vacation is the best because it gives me time to hang out with friends, earn the money I spent during school, and just have a break.

So here are 17 thoughts I've had this first week of summer break.

1. "Do I really have no assignments due?"

2. "You mean, I can actually have a break?"

3. "I miss my friends."

4. "I wonder what my roommates are doing right now."

5. "I should get a gym membership and start working out again."

6. "Now I can watch Netflix without procrastinating assignments."

7. "I missed my pets so much."

8. "I really don't want to go back to school in August."

9. "I can finally have a positive amount in my bank account."

10. "It feels weird to live at home again."

11. "Do I have to ask before I eat food?"

12. "Do I have to buy my own food?"

13. "It'll be nice not having to pay rent and bills for three months."

14. "I can sleep in past 9 a.m."

15. "I forgot how much I don't want to see people from high school."

16. "I can't wait to catch up with friends from high school."

17. "It's so nice being back home."