There are several college student stereotypes out there in the world. While there are stereotypes that I am guilty of there are others that I’m not.

  1. College students love free things.

This one I will cough up to. I love free things. (Majority of the time). But who doesn’t love free things? Free things are great.

2. College students are exhausted both mentally and physically.

College is hard. While I get a lot of sleep, a lot of college students do not. An average college student probably gets five or six hours of sleep. A lot of energy is put into school. Students try to balance school, sports, sleep, work, and a social life. It’s not easy

3. Poor college students.

I can speak from experience. I don’t have a lot money to toss around. There are times where I’ll have extra money to be able to do things, but other times I’m just scraping by

4. College students and Netflix.

Honestly, I would rather watch Netflix than study of an exam. Netflix can be my best friend, but it’s also my worst enemy. One of the ways I reduce stress is by going on Netflix. It’s a great distraction for me. But I know when I have to buckle down, put the Netflix away, and do my homework.

5. College students party every night.

I’m not into the party scene. I’m judging anyone that is, but not all college students party. For me, why go to a party when I can sleep, eat food, or watch Netflix. I either do that, or I just hang out with my friends where we pretty much do the same thing

6. College students sleep all the time.

Most nights, I do get enough sleep if I’m honest, but naps are also my best friend when I don't. I know a lot of people that don’t get a lot of sleep. Their average is about four hours a night. I give them so many props to be able to run on four or five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I can barely run on six or seven hours of sleep.

7. College students wear sweats all the time.

Honestly, sweats are super comfortable, and I wouldn’t mind wearing sweats a lot. This year, I find myself wearing more causal wear than anything, but nevertheless, sweats are my go to clothes. College students do wear sweats a lot, but we also dress causal or nice just as much.

8. College students are lazy

While this may be true for some, for most, it’s far from the truth. Most people work their butts off in college. We might procrastinate from time to time, but majority, if not all, do this at some point during their education. I value my education, and want to get a degree.

There are a lot of stereotypes that surround college students. Some students might fall into these stereotypes while others don’t. College students are the same. We’re all different.