College Student Stereotypes

College Student Stereotypes

Common Stereotypes that surrounded College Students.

There are several college student stereotypes out there in the world. While there are stereotypes that I am guilty of there are others that I’m not.

  1. College students love free things.

This one I will cough up to. I love free things. (Majority of the time). But who doesn’t love free things? Free things are great.

2. College students are exhausted both mentally and physically.

College is hard. While I get a lot of sleep, a lot of college students do not. An average college student probably gets five or six hours of sleep. A lot of energy is put into school. Students try to balance school, sports, sleep, work, and a social life. It’s not easy

3. Poor college students.

I can speak from experience. I don’t have a lot money to toss around. There are times where I’ll have extra money to be able to do things, but other times I’m just scraping by

4. College students and Netflix.

Honestly, I would rather watch Netflix than study of an exam. Netflix can be my best friend, but it’s also my worst enemy. One of the ways I reduce stress is by going on Netflix. It’s a great distraction for me. But I know when I have to buckle down, put the Netflix away, and do my homework.

5. College students party every night.

I’m not into the party scene. I’m judging anyone that is, but not all college students party. For me, why go to a party when I can sleep, eat food, or watch Netflix. I either do that, or I just hang out with my friends where we pretty much do the same thing

6. College students sleep all the time.

Most nights, I do get enough sleep if I’m honest, but naps are also my best friend when I don't. I know a lot of people that don’t get a lot of sleep. Their average is about four hours a night. I give them so many props to be able to run on four or five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I can barely run on six or seven hours of sleep.

7. College students wear sweats all the time.

Honestly, sweats are super comfortable, and I wouldn’t mind wearing sweats a lot. This year, I find myself wearing more causal wear than anything, but nevertheless, sweats are my go to clothes. College students do wear sweats a lot, but we also dress causal or nice just as much.

8. College students are lazy

While this may be true for some, for most, it’s far from the truth. Most people work their butts off in college. We might procrastinate from time to time, but majority, if not all, do this at some point during their education. I value my education, and want to get a degree.

There are a lot of stereotypes that surround college students. Some students might fall into these stereotypes while others don’t. College students are the same. We’re all different.

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Playboy: America's Favorite Magazine, China's Favorite... Clothing Brand?!?!

What are they doing wearing THAT?!??!!!

We just kept seeing it.

Not necessarily in abundance or anything like that, but still…

We did see it often enough for it to pique our curiosity. It was definitely around – there was no denying that. From shirts to socks to other random items of clothing, its presence did not go unnoticed by us.

When I noticed it on the sock of the guy sitting next to me during lunch, I secretly took a picture of it using my iPhone and showed it to my roommate. Is that what I think it is? Hell, we even noticed it on the front of our tour guide’s collared shirt as she was showing us around a hydrology laboratory. Geez, it’s present in lab settings, too? What was going on here?

By now, I'm sure you're wondering what "it" is, right? Well, you don’t have to wonder any further; I'll tell you. The "it" that I am specifically referring to is none other than the simple, easily recognizable, and famous Playboy bunny logo. Yep, you read that right.

Staying true to its image of a cute, little bunny rabbit, the Playboy logo seemingly followed us around, quietly hopping from one random piece of clothing to another. It would appear, then disappear, then reappear out of nowhere, just like a rabbit going in and out of its hole in the ground. However, as fitting as this all may sound from a metaphorical standpoint, the semi-frequent sightings of the bunny logo were weird and out of place to us Americans.

“Is this really a thing over here or what,” we were asking ourselves. “Hmm…”

By “we,” I am referring to the small group of American college students from Western Michigan University I was part of that was studying abroad in China at the time. This was during the first summer semester of 2017. We were over there for two weeks, spending time in both Beijing, the country’s capital, and Lanzhou, a city not as globally known as the capital. For all of us students, it was our first time visiting China.

It was a memorable, stimulating overseas trip filled with new experiences. From the learning to the tourism to the food to meeting new people, the trip was very well-balanced. Still, none of us expected something such as the Playboy logo to pop up from time to time. I guess you just never know what you’ll see when you travel abroad.

In the United States of America, the famous Playboy bunny is synonymous with adult entertainment and eroticism. Fancy mansions, pool parties, girlie magazines, and promiscuity are what we think of when we see it. Take the picture below, for example; it features scantily clad models in bunny outfits who fit Western culture’s standard of beauty. The image is a spot-on representation of what can typically enter the mind of an American consumer when thinking about Playboy.

Such is not the case in China, however. As we would find out toward the end of our trip, Playboy is merely another everyday clothing brand, albeit a popular one. There is nothing raunchy or sexually suggestive about it at all. Who knew? Talk about getting some much-needed closure.

The picture below is a spot-on representation of what Playboy means to the Chinese consumer. Quite different from that first depiction, don’t you think?

So, there you have it. That’s the explanation. Knowledge is power. Cool beans.

Oh, wait. There’s just one more thing I have to add: Shout out to Hugh Hefner!

Cover Image Credit: Andrew Mager | Flickr

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Comedian Aziz Ansari's Sexual Misconduct Showed Me That 'Time's Up' For Ignorance

My reaction to Aziz Ansari's sexual misconduct allegation

OK, so I think by now we’re all aware of the trend in today’s Hollywood. More and more sexual misconduct allegations are coming to light, and more and more of my beloved Hollywood idols are slowly revealing themselves to be the opposite of who I’d envisioned them to be. Take the latest wrongdoer. You may know him as the creator of Netflix staple, "Master of None" (easily one of my favorite shows on the streaming service) — the funny, incredibly likable Aziz Ansari. Who would’ve thought that he’d be the next star to be shamelessly exposed? When I first heard the news, I glared at my cracked phone screen in confusion, then leaped to my laptop for further sleuthing. It appeared the situation had a narrative like so...

Girl named Grace meets Ansari at an LA party.

Grace is starstruck by Ansari, and luckily for her, he likes her, too.

Grace gets his number, and the two chat it up in New York,

Grace agrees to go on a date with him and gets ready for what she thinks will be a beautiful night.

Now THIS is when it all starts going downhill.

Ansari rushes through a date at an upscale restaurant and quickly gets ready for desert.

Grace returns to his house and reluctantly accepts Ansari’s sexual advances.

Ansari asks for more, and Grace is clearly not willing.

But Grace does some of it anyways and leaves Ansari’s residence in tears

Grace is then too afraid to tell her story, until she sees Ansari again.

But this time, he's on TV at the Emmy Awards, proudly boasting a “Time’s up” pin as he braves the stage.

And there you have it, but of course, that's not the end of the story. As many of the convicted do, Ansari released a statement in which he said he was "surprised and concerned" that Grace was not comfortable, referencing the text he received saying so the morning after their encounter. After “taking the time to process” her words, Ansari responded that he really "took her words to heart" and responded "privately."

This situation just goes to show that even those who wear the ‘Time’s Up’ pin and vocally support female victims of sexual harassment and assault still do not understand what sexual misconduct is. They may see themselves as completely different from the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, but it is equally just as bad to support a cause that one simultaneously perpetuates. I’m sure there are hundreds of Ansaris in Hollywood, nice guys who make a wrong move without knowing, but it’s 2018; people have to learn the difference between yes and no. The time’s up on excusing this type of ignorance.

Cover Image Credit: WikiMedia

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