College Students Who Need Some Motivation

With Spring semester coming up, you can almost smell the lack of sweet freedom of no classes. It has been a long and hard semester for all of us and I am here to tell you that the end is near. You get a few weeks free of exams, studying, and sitting through boring lectures. It is almost time for you to spend all your time at home cuddling with your dog in a cozy blanket at home.

But before we think about how nice the short break will be we have to keep our end of semester goals in sight. Finals are arguably the most stressful part of the semester.

You have to review all the things you learned in one class, and are expected to remember it. It's tough but not impossible. You've got to break out your notes from earlier in the semester and really structure out time to study for each specific final.

Once the finals are over, if you want to be super on-the-ball, you could even email your professor and ask if there is anything you could do for extra credit.

The end of a course load also means preparing for a new one. This is one of my favorite parts of college because it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that scheduling for these classes gets me that much closer to graduating. The feeling of being able to check classes off of my list is so calming.

So for all my friends who are preparing for finals or getting the end of semester stuff done, I believe in you and if you truly put your whole heart into it then you will do great. We all have to stick together in this crucial time, so grab a study partner and kick the end of this semester's ass!!

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