21 Basic Items Every College Kid Wants To Find In A Care Package

21 Basic Items Every College Kid Wants To Find In A Care Package

In no specific order.

As we start heading back to school, you might start thinking about all the things that will be different once you're out of the house and basically on your own.

You don't get to see the people who have impacted your life every day anymore, and it may not hit you the first week, but after the second you'll find there are things you miss. There will also be those things that you forgot in all the excitement of moving.

This my friend, is where care packages come in.

1. Food

Alright folks, this is the main thing that any college student wants to find. Your favorite snack may not even exist within a five mile radius of your school, and if you didn't bring a car, there's no quick fix to the problem.

2. Fun gadgets

We aren't always studying as much as you'd like to think, but at least this way we have something to keep us entertained during those endless hours at the library.

3. Pencils

You either lose them or have had them taken by someone (because even in college people can't seem to remember the necessities).

4. More food

Let`s be honest, you get hungry at midnight, and sometimes an apple doesn't cut it. BRING ON THE EASY MAC.

5. Fun toys

A deck of cards can supply endless hours of fun with friends.

6. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is so satisfying to pop when you're stuck trying to figure out a topic for your next research paper.

7. Band-Aids

Yes, you will end up injuring yourself, and it's better to be prepared than have to go bother your RA and explain what you did this time.

8. Nail supplies

Whether it's painting them or making sure they aren't turning into claws, it's always good to have a pair of clippers on hand.

9. Toiletries

Forgot to pick up toothpaste the last time you went to the store? Deodorant? Both are very bad things to happen. Luckily, both items are extremely easy to ship.

10. Pictures of the pets

You know you miss snuggling with your furry friends. Plus, the mini fridge was looking pretty bare.

11. Cute letters

It doesn't always have to be a big package. Sometimes just getting a letter and chocolate bar can make the biggest difference.

12. Backup charger

Parents, you know we forget things, and you always know we will eventually need it, even if we don't admit it.

13. Charger(s)

Because we did forget it last time we came to visit. Oops.

14. Candy

A sweet treat now and then to keep us going is appreciated!

15. Socks

You know what happens when doing laundry...

16. Mug

Coffee has almost become a part of your routine, and what better way to drink it than from your new favorite mug?

17. Water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

18. K-Cups

As coffee gets you through the late nights and early mornings, you'll want to make sure you don't run out at the wrong time.

19. Ibuprofen/Tylenol

There will be many headaches that come along with classes and assignments and don't forget the early morning workouts that leave you aching the next day.

20. Cold medicine/Vitamins

We don't realize we need it until it's too late, so we appreciate parents protecting us, even before the cold takes over.

21. Love

Receiving the package in the first place and seeing that your parents really do miss you (even if they won't admit it) makes you even more grateful for the people that raised you.

Knowing that someone is thinking of you just makes you happy. Having that positive factor in your life makes all the rest seem so much more manageable. So thank you, parents, grandparents, significant others, and anyone who took the time to get out the message that you love and miss us. As independent as we think we are, we still miss and love you too.

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Cover Image Credit: Christina Sharp

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To The High School Senior Wishing She Could Fast-Forward To Graduation, Careful What You Wish For

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A year ago, I decided what college I was going to and was getting ready to graduate, and honestly counting down the days until graduation. Senior year was almost over, and I couldn't wait to walk across that stage, get my diploma, and FINALLY get to start my real life. However, now that it's a year later I honestly barely remember all those little moments and it feels like literally a world ago when I was in my high school and making my Senior Board full of pictures of my childhood. And part of me wishes that I hadn't wished all that time away.

So, to my high school seniors out there — I encourage you to cherish all the memories you are making. I encourage you to spend time with your parents and savor the meals you have with them and enjoy the conversations where your mom asks all the mom questions about your day, and your dad tells a story from his childhood that you've heard a million times before. I encourage you to appreciate the friends you have, and whether or not you plan to stay friends with them after graduation, be grateful for the time with them in this season and the role that they played in your life.

I ask you to look around your high school, stop and stare at the walls that you've probably been praying to get out of for a few months now and appreciate the memories and times you've had in those buildings. Whether or not high school was a great time for you or a bad time, it was a time of growth and the place where you matured and made mistakes and succeeded.

Seniors, enjoy these last few months because before you know it you'll blink and it will be a year later and you'll be miss those days that you complained about, those teachers you rolled your eyes at, and those friends that you shared that time with.

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