Stop Comparing STEM Majors To Non-STEM Majors
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Fellow STEM Majors, It's Time To End The Toxic Belief That Humanities Majors Have It Easy

We've all heard it before: "being a STEM major is SO much harder than pathetic little English." It's time to shut the front door on that conversation.

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Listen, I am an animal science major trying to get into veterinary school, but that doesn't mean that I am any better than anybody. I used to look at psych majors and dreamt of being in such an "easy major." Then my friend showed me Freud and all these books on mental illness and realized I couldn't do that at all. I hate writing papers and I would rather watch paint dry than read any type of book that doesn't revolve around some type of science. I used to walk around with my nose held up to everybody who wasn't taking calculus or chemistry and laugh at their pathetic little writing classes.

Then I realized: we're all just college kids trying to make it through the day without a mental breakdown over assignments and terrible professors.

College is HARD, no matter what you're doing. We are all sitting in class learning new material, juggling internships, jobs, and a social life. Yes, organic chemistry is destroying my life, but there's an English major having to read 95 pages in a night and analyze every word. I know I couldn't do that.

It's time to celebrate the differences in our learning and stop acting like we're better than the next guy.

So the cliche, "STEM majors have to write papers too." Yes, we do but it all revolves around what we're learning in class. Reading a scientific paper is way easier when you know about the topic. They are usually supplementary and teach an invaluable skill that will help in the future. I know if you sat me down and asked me to critically analyze a work of literature, I couldn't. We all have different brains and that's OK, it's what makes us unique and interesting. If I had to talk to STEM majors for the rest of my life, I would die of boredom.

I've seen tweets and posts on Facebook like, "I'm sitting here learning neuroscience and an education major is over there cutting out paper and gluing it onto different shapes."

Who is going to be teaching your child? That education major. Who is also writing a 70-page lesson plan and figuring out common core math? That education major.

I've even had an engineer ask me, "so you like play with animals all day right, must be nice..." Sit down and calculate the force I'm about to slap you in the face with.

So please, STEM majors, stop looking down on people because they're not up to your "caliber." Stop acting pretentious because you think it's going to get you further in life. It's not. If you spent more time studying for your exams and less time putting others down you might find them a bit easier. Keep complaining about classes though, because that fuels the hate fire that binds STEM majors together.

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