6 Reasons Why Having A College Roommate Is Important
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6 Reasons Why Having A College Roommate Is Important

You can truly meet a life long friend with this college experience, I know for a fact because this is how I've met one of my best friends.

6 Reasons Why Having A College Roommate Is Important
Ida Domingo

If you've started college this past week whether you're a freshman or a junior, there are many things to adjust to this year. Many of these adjustments are important, including your living environment and the person you share your room with.

Living with someone isn't easy, take it from someone who hasn't had good experiences with roommates in the past. My freshman and sophomore year of college was amazing...but my living situation wasn't. Don't let this discourage you though, I'm here to show you that once you click with the right person it's very beneficial to have a good roommate in college.

1. Late night talks

Late night conversations are always the best. Maybe you both can't sleep or one of you needs advice, it's always nice to have someone to talk to. My roommate and I have countless late night talks and we talk till we get tired. You get many laughs out of it and even get to know more about each other. it always puts you in a good mood before sleep!

2. There's always someone to grab food with

If you're freshmen or a transfer student, or even someone who's scared to go eat alone, you can always count on your roommate to grab breakfast or dinner with. They're always a call away and it's super convenient. Living with a roommate means you always have someone to go anywhere with! If you want to make a coffee run, take your roommate with you, if you want to go out wherever and need a buddy, who's a better friend to ask than the person you live with?

3. You have someone to study with and procrastinate with

If you and your roommate have the same study routine, why not do it together and help each other study. It's nice to have someone to test you on your flash cards the night before a big exam. Even if you're slacking off (which you shouldn't do!) most likely so will your roommate. When my roommate and I procrastinate together we get on Netflix or YouTube and once we realize we should be doing homework one of us is always here to keep us in check.

4. Sense of security

Your roommate will be your familiar face on campus. Having a roommate in college tends to make people feel much better. You have a friend, and you don't have to feel lonely when you move away from home. It's also nice to have someone share the same dorm or apartment as you so you feel safe in your new home for the next year. Other ways your roommate is your sense of security is you'll never have to walk alone in the dark!

5. Borrowing and sharing

There are many things roommate can borrow and share. When you're getting ready, your roommate will lend you her hair curler, when you're studying or in need of any help, your roommate can share his notes if you're in the same class! When you guys go grocery shopping you can even share the cost so it's not too expensive and you both can save money!

6. They can become your closest friend

The most important reason and benefit of having a roommate in college is that they can become your closest friend. You can truly meet a life long friend with this college experience, I know for a fact because this is how I've met one of my best friends. I love living with her and truly glad I met her through living in dorms.

It's also important to know you don't have to be friends with your roommate, but it is important to get along with them. Even if you haven't had good roommate experiences in the past or your current living situation isn't going so well, there's always hope me find the perfect match. You don't want to miss out on this college experience.

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