It's 2016, which means the time to elect our future leader is drawing near. If you live in the United States, you've (hopefully) seen these candidates on television and in the news, so you know a little bit about what each candidate is about. But did you also know the candidates just so happen to make the perfect expressions to describe the problems college students face on a daily basis? Donald Trump's hair disaster? Yeah, in college we call that "I woke up five minutes before class started and ran here without looking at a mirror." Ted Cruz's permanent grimace? We call that "I have five finals, six essays, two projects and a presentation due by Monday but, yeah, I'm totally having the time of my life."

If you currently attend college or have ever attended one in your life, these college problems will be oh-so familiar.

When participation is a grade so you halfheartedly raise your hand and hope the professor doesn't call on you:

When you walk into class and see the person you awkwardly hooked up with over spring break:

When you're falling asleep in class but you want to look like you're actively engaged in what the professor is saying:

When you spend like, five whole minutes throwing a presentation together and the class doesn't appreciate it for the masterpiece that it is:

When you're put into a project group with people you absolutely can't stand, but you grade each other on participation so you have to pretend to be nice for a little while:

When the professor is looking for someone to call on so you try to avoid eye contact by doing literally anything else:

When you stand up to present to the class and promptly forget every piece of information ever:

When you're trying to discreetly see some test answers from the person next to you:

How you feel writing down notes in class knowing that you're probably never actually going to read those notes again:

When your professor tries to use "hip" lingo in an effort to be more relatable:

When class is over and you're trying to work up the courage to ask your professor for an extension for an upcoming project deadline:

When the class gets a little too rowdy and the professor tries to silence the class but to no avail:

When you went a little too hard drinking away your sorrows and you're forced to call a creepy Uber driver who insists on making conversation with you:

When your friends tell you what you did the night before when when you were blacked out:

When the class know-it-all tries to argue with the professor and it takes every last iota of your willpower not to yell in frustration:

When your professor makes a really awful joke but you need your 79 percent to be bumped up to an 80 percent.

When someone raises their hand and asks the stupidest question you've ever heard and you can't help but wonder how they got into the same college as you:

When the professor thought you weren't paying attention but you answer his question right: