Everything You Need to Know to Stay Safe at A College Party

Follow These 5 Tips for College Parties To Maximize Your Fun And Safety

You know what they say... it's better to be safe than sorry.


So what is college life, you ask? College life is... locking yourself in the library or your dorm all throughout the week... all for one thing: to party on the weekends! One of the best parts of university life is that there is never a shortage of parties or hangouts. All your besties are within a 5-mile radius and nothing will ever beat that.

But parties can be just as dangerous as they are fun. So before you head out to the next kickback, keep these safety tips in mind.

1. Go with a buddy

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Always try to go to a party with a friend so that you can both keep each other accountable. You should look out for your friend and they should look out for you. Having a friend around you will signal to predators that you are protected and off limits. You should also protect each other from peer pressure and doing things that the other person would not do if they were sober.

2. Charge your phone before going

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Your phone should always be at 100% prior to going to a party. You're going to need your phone a lot throughout the night. I know you'll want to take photos and post on social media at least a few times before the night ends. But outside of these two activities, having a charged phone is important for emergencies and calling Ubers or Lyfts. Don't risk getting stranded because you didn't charge your phone before going out the door!

3. Get a designated driver

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If you are of age and know that you are going to be drinking at the party, be sure to have a sober friend drive you home. Getting a designated driver will save you more than just your Uber fare, it can save your life. Don't risk getting in a car with someone who was drinking earlier in the night. Even if they seem normal, their reaction times and judgment could still be off from consuming alcohol earlier in the night.

If you do ever find yourself in the car of a driver under the influence, and you get into an accident, here are a few things to remember. Try to stay calm and immediately dial 911. When you're waiting for help to arrive personal injury lawyers recommend that you take photos of the accident from all sides for evidence.

But like we said, please try to get a designated driver or use a rideshare app to get a safe ride home.

4. Know your limits

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I know that experiencing your first party at college can be quite intimidating and could cause one to do something that they weren't 100% sure they wanted to do. A lot of people think that they can handle the same amount of alcohol that their friends can. But this isn't true, especially if you have never had alcohol before in your life. (I was definitely one of those people who had never taken a shot before college and almost threw up instantly! Embarrassing, but true.)

Listen to yourself and your body. Don't keep drinking because you think it is the "cool" thing to do. Before you know it you will be wasted and possibly doing things that you will regret. Lastly, contrary to popular belief, blacking out and not being able to remember the wild night that you had is not fun. No one likes to wake up confused and dazed. Stop yourself before it gets there.

5. Guard your drink

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Remember how your parents warned you not to leave your drink unattended whenever you're drinking in public? Well, they're right about that one. Whether you're drinking alcohol or water, people could slip something that will quickly dissolve in both. If you do happen to put your drink down, advise a sober friend to look after it for you or get a new one. Getting roofied happens more than you think, so be careful!

After reading all of these tips, remember to have fun at parties! College will fly by and be over before you know it. So, take a ton of photos, meet new people, go to parties, and experience it all a few times before it's all over. Just remember to stay safe!

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