Recently I read an article on Odyssey arguing party ratios are sexist. At first, I was rooting for this article, and I was happy that someone was finally talking about this weird college norm. Unfortunately, the article, in my opinion at least, missed the point: how party ratios objectify women.

Now I don't go to parties at all, but in October I decided that I wanted to venture out and expand my comfort zone, so I decided to go to a party with high school friends.

Spoiler alert, I hated it and left two seconds after entering.

As soon as we all met up, the counting started, and I felt disgusted. I can honestly say, I have never felt more dehumanized than I did at that moment. I felt powerless and voiceless. At that moment I wasn't seen as a human. I was seen as an object, some sort of twisted and disgusting currency. But nobody else I was with felt the same way. For them, it didn't seem like a big thing, and I was genuinely confused about how they weren't offended by it.

Any women with MINIMAL self-respect should be insulted and repulsed by these party ratios.

Some of you guys at this point might be thinking that I'm making a big deal about something "irrelevant," but the thing is that this isn't irrelevant. I would argue that this is more relevant now than ever, especially with the #MeToo movement and all the recent exposures of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse and sexual harassment don't just appear from thin air, it stems from things like party ratios and the toxic masculinity that it brings along with it.

By complying with the party ratio, female attendees are just saying that disrespecting women and objectifying women is OK, and it isn't.

So, girls, if you want to go to a party, then go. But I request you not to be a part of any sort of ratio because you are more than just some object. If there's one thing that I agree with the other author about, its that party ratios are backward and sexists, but not the same reason. It's time that things like the party ratio are stopped.

Change my mind.