College is a wonderful mix of being constantly stressed, confused, tired, and lost all the time. Between waking up Sunday morning to late Saturday night, there are a roller coaster of emotions. You can go from thinking you have your life together to crying on your floor in about .2 seconds. So here's to you Parks and Rec and your pure talent to say what we're all thinking.

1. Waking up Sunday morning and realizing how busy your week will be

2. When you studied for a week for a test and bomb it

3. When it's test week and you can't do it

4. When you submit your midnight assignment at 11:59

5. When you've been eating healthy but stress tells you screw it

6. When stress makes you on edge

7. When you finally get to let loose

8. When your professor decides a cumulative final is a good idea

9. When you get assigned a group project

10. When your class takes an attendance grade

11. And finally, the way college feels 24/7

12. But you actually love college and never want to leave